7 Best Cordless Drill Under $100

Are you looking for the best cordless drill under 100 dollars? If yes, then our review and buying guide will help you. A cordless drill is one of the most essential and necessary power tools if you’re doing any home projects or some woodworking.

The cordless drill comes with versatile and various functionalities that help to drill easily and quickly. When comparing cordless drills, you need to look at the battery (charging time), lightweight design, features, price, and the warranty.

There are many brands on the market, and all have a reputation for making quality electric tools. But the question is how to choose the best one. So, we have listed some top quality drill machines with details.

Model Preview Rating Price
#1 Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Drill Dewalt DCD771C2
#2 TECCPO Drill Driver, 20V 1/2″ Cordless Drill Set (Best Value) TECCPO Drill Driver
#3 BLACK+DECKER 20V Cordless Drill/Driver (LD120VA) BLACK+DECKER LD120VA
#4 Bosch 18V Drill/Driver Kit (GSR18V-190B22) Bosch GSR18V-190B22

Top 7 Best Cordless Drill Under 100 – Experts Picks

To help you find a suitable cordless drill, I have shortly reviewed 7 popular drills in this article. So, after reading our cordless drill reviews, you can determine which drill machine can be the right choice for your drilling jobs. Let’s see more details in below:

#1 Dewalt DCD771C2 20V MAX Cordless Lithium-Ion 1/2 inch Compact Drill

Best Cordless Drill Under $100

Are you okay spending good bucks for exceptional performance and durability from your products? Our first choice is the DeWalt DCD760Kl Cordless Compact Drill. DeWalt always provides the best among all the tools. This drill has a 20V Lithium-Ion battery that gives a long-lasting and reliable performance while reducing the weight associated with battery packs.

DeWalt DCD760Kl Cordless drill built with a high-performance motor. So, it can deliver 300 unit watts out of power and ability completing a wide range of applications. The drill operates at dual speed range (0 450 & 1,500 rpm) with a ½ inch chuck for a range of fastening and drilling applications

Due to its simple and lightweight design, it looks nice. Also, the excellent handle provides you very comfortable and control in any work environment. A full range of professional jobs can be done, including drilling overhead or in tight spaces. It can be stored and carried in the heavy-duty kit box, along with the 30-minute charger.

Furthermore, it has a 3-year limited warranty. So, you should not worry about how much you will use. There are two 20-volt Max compact Lithium-ion batteries on the packs with charger and durable contractor. So, it the best choice for any type of drilling in tight space.

What we like
  • Lightweight design and compact drill.
  • Comfortable handling and easy to control.
  • High performance and a powerful motor.
  • It has a limited three-year warranty.
What we didn't like
  • The battery charge doesn’t last for very long.

#2 TECCPO Drill Driver, 20V 1/2″ Cordless Drill Set

TECCPO Drill Driver

TECCPO Drill Driver is one of the best cordless drills under 100 dollars. Having said that, this cordless drill is a great value for money. Also, it comes with 29 pecs accessories, and you don’t need to spend extra money on buying any extra accessories. Its lower 20-volt setting is more than adequate to get the most homeowner DIY jobs done with ease.

The drill has a powerful 4-pole copper motor that delivers 530 lbs torque with two-speed transmission 0-450 and 0-1700 RPM for drilling holes and screw-driving on wood, plastic, and metal. Another important thing is that it has a 24+1 position clutch so that you can tackle most drilling jobs precisely.

The durability is an excellent feature of this drill. All metal gears and 1/2 key-less chuck will provide maximum durability and excellent compatibility. On the other hand, A rubber over-mold handle offers maximum user comfort and assist balance for drilling.

There is also a button with a variable speed trigger that is available for great drilling and fastening. It also has flexible shafts that allow getting into the tightest space easily. For working in a dark place, it has a trigger-activated LED light that illuminates your work area perfectly.

The lightweight and ergonomic design make less vibration and easy to carry. The drill included these accessories and a two-year warranty. For simple value for money to do those DIY jobs, the TECCPO Drill Driver, 20V 1/2″ Cordless Drill Set is the best choice for you.

What we like
  • Great performance for drilling.
  • Excellent durability and long-lasting.
  • It makes less vibration and easy to carry.
  • Comes with a wide range of accessories.
What we didn't like
  • Sometimes it can cause trouble to the user’s flexibility.

#3 BLACK+DECKER 20V MAX Cordless Drill / Driver (LD120VA)


Here comes Black-Decker LD120VA cordless drill machine with 30-piece accessories. This cordless drill machine is a few steps above the average all-purpose drill due to its increased functionality and range of accessories. While retaining the handiness of compact drills, it delivers 300 in/lbs of torque for fast results.

Two easy to fit spring loaded included batteries provide the power for this handy tool. A 100 percent metal chuck with a spindle lock tightens screwdrivers and drill bits in no time. High-speed applications make use of the 0 – 750 rpm, and there is a zero to 300 RPM in high torque applications.

The 24 position clutch guarantees versatility clutch and precision in whatever project you take on. So, these 24 positions will help to prevent stripping and overdriving screws. Another feature is a soft-grip handle, which provides more comfort during use of the drill. Also, lightweight design will prevent the user’s fatigue. So, the drill is the ideal option for drilling and screw-driving through wood, metal, and plastic.

Furthermore, A 20V Max Lithium battery powers the drill, and these batteries can hold a charge of up to 18 months. The package comes, including 30-piece accessories like charger, screw-driving bits, nut drivers, Magnetic bits, and more. It also has a 2 Year Warranty.

What we like
  • Great design and compact drill.
  • High performance and easy to use.
  • Comes with 30-piece accessories.
  • The battery holds enough change for any drilling.
What we didn't like
  • Not enough power.

#4 Bosch 18V Compact 1/2″ Drill/Driver Kit (GSR18V-190B22)

Bosch GSR18V-190B22

We know that Bosch brand is also one of the best manufacture companies in the tools industries. So, we have Bosch Drill in our top list. Bosch GSR18V 190B22 Cordless Drill is remarkably lighter than other drills of similar specifications. The lightweight design with LED Light will allow you for comfortable handling in even the tightest and darkest spaces.

The 18V battery-powered compact drill is more efficiency during the toughest drilling or screw driving applications. Depending on the job runtime, the drill can utilize either the Slim Pack or larger Fat Pack. Shorter lightweight jobs use the slim pack. Longer jobs need the Fat Pack. Bosch is unique in offering the choice of battery pack options.

The power and speed are important things for drilling. The Bosch GSR18V 190B22 drill provides 480 lbs torque with high speed (0 1, 700 RPM) setting and high power (0 450 RPM) mode for fast, efficient drilling. So, Also, the drill will provide optimized power for any type of screw driving and precise drilling.

Besides, there is a 20+1 clutch setting to help you chose the optimum speed for any specific job – all adding to the precision of your results. Also, a variable-speed trigger helps you match the best speed to the job so that you can achieve precise results.

The unit comes with a three-year protection plan; two years of battery protection and one year of tool protection. The only 3 years in this is a free tool repair package for the second and third years. In the box, you will get a Drill/Driver; bits; 2 Lithium Slim Packs; a 30-minute recharger; and a carrying case.

What we like
  • The LED light helps to drill in a dark place.
  • Offers twenty clutch settings for drilling.
  • It comes with 30 minutes recharger.
  • Faster and convenient performance.
What we didn't like
  • Little pricey.

#5 Worx WX176L20 Switchdriver 2-in-1 Cordless Drill & Driver


If you are looking for a drill that ensures optimum performance, robust construction and can also act as a driver, then the WX176L20 is the perfect drill for you. And if by profession, you are a mechanic, carpenter, or someone involved in these trades, then this is a great option.

The drill comes with two notable features; one is that it is a drill, and the other is that it can act as a driver as well. Therefore, it can both drill holes into a structure as well as drive screws through that structure with ease. Thus, it reduces the need for separately purchasing a device that is capable of driving screws.

And that is not all the features that this masterpiece has to offer. It comes with rotating chucks that enable you to switch between bits and provides superior efficiency swiftly. Plus, its torque control enables you superior control of the drilling and prevent stripping of the screws.

Plus, each of the devices is compact and lightweight. Therefore, allowing you to effortlessly maneuver it and get your job done with flying colors. Also, due to its compact dimensions reaching those tough spots is a piece of cake. Additionally, it comes in a casing that is quite easy to store anywhere in your vicinity.

Lastly, on the day of purchase, you will be provided with all the necessities, including two lithium batteries. These are A-grade batteries that ensure superb performance as well as guarantees to provide the required energy for the devices for a very long period without any hindrance.

Also, the batteries reduce the electricity bills as well as does not hinder the mobility of the devices.

What we like
  • Can drill holes and drive screws.
  • Portable and compact.
  • Rotating chucks assures quick-changing of bits.
  • The torque control system provides superior precision.
What we didn't like
  • Battery doesn’t hold power for too long.

#6 Porter-Cable 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit


Are you looking for the best cordless drill machines with combo kits? If you are, then Porter-Cable has the best product for you! Their latest product comes with practically everything that you would need and guarantees to enhance your carpentry experience to the next level.

By the way, on purchasing the package, you get a drill as well as a hex driver. Meaning there is no need to buy an impact driver separately, and thus, it reduces the cost by a great margin. And this Hex is lightweight for superior mobility but, that is not all the hex driver has to offer.

The hex driver is capable of providing whopping 2,800-rpm and 3,800-bpm. In addition to that, it is capable of delivering a staggering 1,450-pounds of torque, which is more than enough to drive screws through the most stubborn exteriors. And now, we shall discuss the drill.

With an rpm of 1,500, the 1/2 inch drill is more than capable of drilling a hole through the most difficult materials. Furthermore, the drill is capable of providing 283-unit watts of power. Hence, we guarantee that this masterpiece will effortlessly drill through almost anything.

And when coupled with its feathery weight and compact dimension that provides superior mobility and storage, it makes the whole combo ideal for many.

Also, unlike conventional drills that require an external power source to operate, this one is battery-operated. Hence, there is no need to hinder its movement by connecting it to a power outlet and also, reduces the electricity bill as it does not require a constant supply of power from a power source.

What we like
  • Both of the devices can output impressive torque.
  • Light and compact features ensure superior versatility.
  • Battery operated.
  • Reduces electricity bills.
What we didn't like
  • Quite expensive.

#7 Black+Decker 20V Max Drill & Home Tool Kit


Assume you go out to buy a robust drill but end up getting a multi-functional tool kit along with the drill. Sounds unlikely? Well, Black+Decker has come with a product that provides with a 20V drill as well as a home tool kit that contains all the necessary items you would need during a project or work.

Firstly, let us talk about the drill. The 20V drill is more than capable of drilling through the most troublesome materials with minimum complications. And it is operated via lithium battery. Hence, there is no need to find an external power source and reduce the mobility of the item.

Plus, the battery can retain charge up to 18 months, and hence, we guarantee that you will always be ready to proceed with your work.

Also, the drill doesn’t consume power. So, it is energy efficient as well as saves up money on electricity bills. Plus, it comes with numerous other accessories with the item. That includes a needle nose plier, a utility knife, tape measure, 12-ounce hammer, 32-screwdriver bits along with a single ratcheting screw, slip joints, etc.

And all these supplementary accessories are made of profoundly durable and notably long-lasting material. Besides, due to the sturdy and enduring build, each of the items grants you optimum performance and thus, makes it a must-have.

Furthermore, all the items come inside a briefcase like casing, which allows effortless portability. Additionally, the case itself has a compact dimension that allows you to stash it inside your garage, workshop, car-trunk, etc.

What we like
  • Compact casing assures uncomplicated storage.
  • Made with highly durable and long-lasting material.
  • The battery holds the charge for 18-months.
  • Comes with all the necessary items.
  • 11-position clutch prevents stripping or overdriving screws.
What we didn't like
  • Some of the accessories might be weakly build.

Factors to Look Before Buying a Cordless Drill Under $100

Below, this review will clear some of the essential factors that you must need to know before buying the best cordless drill under $100. It helps you a lot to purchase perfect cordless. To drill int concrete, you can see these hammer drill machine for concrete. So, let’s see these factors for buying a cordless drill.

Brushless vs. Brushed Motor

The brushless motor speed range is higher, and there is no limitation. The electrical noise generation is low in a brushless motor. Brushless control is sophisticated, and it is expensive. On the other hand, the Brushed motor’s speed range is lower than the brushless. The brushed motor generates noise, and the efficiency is moderate than brushless.

Now, people always use the brushless motor. Because the brushless motor is more powerful and easy to control than a brushed motor. Also, for noisy, a user does not like it.

RPM and Torque

One of the essential factors is RPM and Torque for buying any types of power tools like a drill machine. The RPM is a unit of rotational frequency or speed of rotation around a specific axis. Besides, The Torque is one of the vector quantities that measure the force. Torque capable of increasing certain values of RPM. So, if the power tools have enough RPM and Torque, that means it is a very powerful machine. So, before buying a drill machine, you should know how much power has this drill.


The chuck is an essential component of the drill. There you will find three types of chucks such as conventional drill chucks, self-tightening chucks, and SDS drill chucks. The conventional chucks have a 10mm or 13mm diameter. That is a perfect diameter for any chucks. It is a reliable and robust chuck.

On the other hand, Self-tightening chuck is excellent for change tools quickly; that why it enhances workflow. At last, the SDS drill also chucks able to change the drilling tool quickly. It is one of the strongest chucks. So, chuck is also an essential factor for the drilling machine.


Almost every drill has a clutch. It can also define clutch as torque control. You find the clutch right behind the chuck. Generally, the clutch is a mechanical device. The clutch disengages and engages power transmission, specifically from the drive shaft to the driving shaft. The number of clutches characterizes the amount of torque. Most of the drill machine comes with many position clutch because of cutting and drilling.


A powerful battery is another important factor for any cordless drills. It makes your day efficient to finish your job perfectly. So, you need a long-lasting battery and fast charging because some batter takes a long time to charge, but a lifetime is short.

The battery makes a cordless drill outstanding to use. But you need to choose cordless that contain large Ah with long-lasting. That’s why the battery is important to check before buying a drill.


Warranty means if you purchase something and the company promising you to replace or repair when it necessary. To buy cordless tools like a drill, you need to check the warranty. Because sometimes, the drill can be a problem, and you need to pay for fixing it, but if you have a warranty, then you can get a refund or company will repair or change it.

The company will repair your drill without any charge during warranty time. Generally, some of the company’s warranty does not cover part failure base of poor wear or tool abuse. Lifetime warranty gives you a chance to repair your product whenever it needed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which is the cordless drill best?

It is tough to choose the best drill under $100, but you can compare all products. I think DeWalt DCD760Kl Cordless Compact Drill is the best one after reviewing all products.

Who makes the best drill with cordless?

You will find some of the popular brands that make a cordless drill. Black & Decker, Bosch, Milwaukee, Ryobi, and Tacklife are the most popular brand in power tools industries. So, you can trust them and buy any power tools.

What’s the Difference between NiCad & Lithium Batteries?

The specific power of lithium batteries is 100mha. Lithium batteries suffer from memory effect. On the other hand, NiCad has ~250-~340 W/kg specific power. The NiCad suffers from memory effect too.

Which Drill Voltage Should I choose? 12V, 18V, 20V, 36V?

it depends on your project. For the light project, you need to choose low-voltage like 12v. Generally, for the heavy projects, you can use 18v or 20v. At last, if you want to drill large holes quickly, then 36v, you can use 36v battery, but 20v is the perfect one for all types of works.

Final Verdict:

At the end of our review, I can say that the drill machine is one of the great useful inventions in the modern world. So, before buying the best cordless drill under 100 dollars, you should check some features like reliable batteries, durable construction, and high performance. Also, the drill should be weightless to carry it everywhere.

The torque-speed, cool features, efficiency make the cordless drill outstanding. After researching the cordless drill machine, I selected these products, but there are also more drill machines. I hope our cordless drill reviews help you to know how to buy a perfect cordless drill.

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