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Best Drill Bits For Hardened Steel In 2020

Drilling task requires the drill bits to make your holing tasks easier. But what will do when you need to drill on hardened steel? So to cut the stainless steel, you must have the best drill bits for hardened steel.

Being an architect or a general home designer, you need many different materials for using drill bits. But, the best component for drilling is the drill bits. If the drill bits are not chosen smartly, you might ruin the whole project in the end.

Most of the household architectures’ design and construction need a lesser or more of drilling tasks. So, you will need to go through some drill bits reviews. That’s the reason you’re probably roaming here in our today’s topic.

What Is Drill Bit for Hardened Steel?

Drill bits come in different shapes and sizes to make holes on different materials. Following the requirements home designers need to create holes on wood, walls, hardened steel, aluminum, stainless steel, iron, and the list goes on.

So, Hardened Steel Drill bit is a drill bits which create holes on the hardened or stainless steel with the drill machine. These bits are actually designed to cut steal material and make the measured holes in a circular cross-section.

But, what kind of bit to use for drilling different material? Let’s make it clear, a single drill bit is not ideally designed to drill everything around you. Different types of drill bits are available to drill everything around you. All you need to choose the appropriate drill bit for your construction tasks.

You can figure out the drill for hardened still seeing the tip. If you see the tip is a pointed one, it indicates the bit is not the right one for steel. And the blunt tip ensures to hold enough strength to drill steel perfectly.

Still, if you are unable to recognize the drill bit, you can seek recommendation help from a hardware expert.

Model Preview Rating Price
#1 DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set best drill bits for steel
#2 Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set Best Drill Bit Sets
#3 Migiwata Metric M35 Cobalt Steel Extremely Heat Resistant Twist Drill Bits best drill bits for the money
#4 Titanium Drill Bit Set for Metal top best drill bits
#5 Drill America 29 Piece Heavy Duty High-Speed Steel Drill Bit Set best gears

Top 5 Best Drill Bits For Hardened Steel – Expert’s Picks

There are many drill bits from different manufacturing companies. But which one is the perfect drill bit set for metal? We are here to make your head free from this stressful confusion. Let’s look at our top 5 drill bit reviews!

#1 DEWALT DW1354 14-Piece Titanium Drill Bit Set

best drill bits for automotive

DEWALT is itself the king of the tool world. There is hardly any professional woodworker, welder, or designer who isn’t familiar with this Giant manufacturing brand. That’s the reason, DEWALT DW1354 is on the top place as the best drill bits for stainless steel.

Promising durability is a term that is always adhered to any DEWALT tool. Thus, it has the same durability term for having a titanium coating. Spending money for this bit set is worthy, why? It can run for the decades to perform your ordinary to professional drilling tasks over the years and years.

The point is the construction of titanium. Gladly, it makes sense while you make holes on the hardened steel or wood, the finishing comes in the amazing form.

People who work in the construction site is going be thankful to the DEWALT for this set of drill bits. It provides you the required speed on the steel or aluminum. For performing all kinds of aluminum drilling tasks, this tool set has no alternative option.

The screw attachment is a life savior. Since the kit comes with the screw attachment, you don’t need to buy screw or bolts separately. Else, the magnetic interaction provides the secured screw adjustment with the bit strongly. So, you can even work using one hand. Sounds cool, right? Enjoy happy drilling with it!

What we like
  • Bits are promisingly lifetime durable.
  • Stays sharp even after multiple usages.
  • Highly applicable for heavy-duty tasks.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • No slipping incident.
What we didn't like
  • The case is not comfortable to use.

Our Verdict:

You can take the best decision to buy DEWALT DW1354 for your flexible construction experience. So, what you’re waiting for?

#2 Irwin Tools 3018002 Cobalt M-35 Metal Index Drill Bit Set

best cobalt drill bits

Guess what? Irwin Tools 3018002 is another drill bit sets for the money. Are you someone who tends to deal with multiple heavy projects frequently? This is a money and time worthy bit set to make your drilling tasks efficient.

It comes with the most desirable feature “Cobalt”. Having the cobalt feature, the bits are stronger than the normal steel. In this term, the bits are going to their job at the best level. Though you handle several drilling operations, the cobalt coating remains undamageable. So, there won’t be any chance to repair or replace the drill bits set in the long run.

While most of the craftsmen complained their bits broke down on the hardened steel, but this one is going to make you feel satisfied. If you are searching for the most reliable and longer outlasting professional cobalt metal pieces, this is worthy of your money.

Did you ever experience excessive heat during drilling? The drill bits become hot while they drill the metals. This case happens in the random bits which are not graded with fine cobalt alloy. But this bit set is manufactured with professional grade metal to deal with the persistent heat. It has an M-35 5% cobalt alloy. So, abrasion and heat resistivity are highly durable.

The whole set includes 29 pieces of masterpieces which are fully made of cobalt speed. So, the speed is higher than the other random bits. And the bits keep their edge re-sharpened after every use.

What we like
  • Heat resistant 29 pieces bits.
  • Ideal for the toughest professional usage.
  • Bits are scratch-free.
  • Cuts without damaging or breaking the hardened steel.
  • Extremely sharper bits to cut in the required size.
What we didn't like
  • Needs to be lubricated.

Our Verdict:

Probably your journey for searching the cobalt drill bits is ending here. Your professionalism will be enhanced more than you have imagined until now. Happy drilling!

#3 Migiwata Metric M35 Cobalt Steel Extremely Heat Resistant Twist Drill Bits

best drill bit set for metal

Migiwata Metric M35 is another best drill bit set. It is manufactured from M35 cobalt steel. The cobalt alloy is durable and flexible. So, the bits are not going to break or damage though you use them for the toughest tasks. Now the question arises, can you use this drill set for softer materials? Well, it’s a flexible bit set for drilling hardened and softer materials.

The alloy coating cobalt bits are efficient to drill hardened steel. It is a bit set having the functionality to handle hardened materials. So, it can easily drill cast iron and stainless steel. The bits has a superpower speed to manage the drilling in a fluent way. You are going to experience an exclusive professional cut in your metal.

User-Friendly operation is just one press away with this flexible bit set. When you turn on the drilling machine with one of the Migiwata drill bit, you don’t have to put any extra pressure. The cut points are also flexible in terms of centering and penetrating.

Its straight shank allows you to hold the driller inaccurate position. So, there won’t be any wrong movement incident while you got the cobalt drill for the metal.

Do you want to use this set for lightweight and heavyweight work? Then this one is going to come handy. If you have a tight budget and don’t want to buy double or triple tools set for the drilling purpose, you are going to the Migiwata manufacture for this tool set. It’s not only durable, and flexible, it deals with your composite wall drilling to wood drilling comfortably.

What we like
  • Handle faster cutting easily.
  • Durable and flexible compared to other pricey bits set.
  • Handle multiple tasks at a stretch for having the effective heat resistivity.
  • Cut anything in your workplace or home from stainless steel to cast materials.
  • Maximum users recommend it highly.
What we didn't like
  • Unable to cut or handle aluminum materials.

Our Verdict:

Home users who know they are not going to drill anything like aluminum materials can go for it. Craftsmen have to buy another set if they get some aluminum drilling tasks in the near future.

#4 Titanium Drill Bit Set for Metal

best drill bits reviews

Are you someone who lost the bits frequently? We know there are many among there who keep losing their bits in the workplace. It’s a common thing. But the problem arises when you don’t have the size of the similar bit available in your set. So, the expenditure increases to buy another set, right? Luckily there is no other manufacturer who offers multiple sizes bits in a set like this Titanium drill bits set.

Who would want to miss this feature actually? This set includes 230 pieces kit. So, there are multiple bits of the same size. Once you lost or break any size, there won’t be a problem like a mountain falling on your head. You can do your task with the same size again. Your money will be saved too!

You want to make an interior for your home but you are not getting the perfect bit set is a worse condition that you have ever experienced, right? This is one of an ideal Titanium set for handling all the metal purpose work. Apart from the woodwork, if you want to deal with fiberglass, aluminum, and plastics, it has got no alternative. You can randomly use it on the metal.

Whether the wood or aluminum is thick, you will get the best satisfying result. All the bits are sharp and able to drill through ever toughest material. Though plastic and glass materials are hard to handle to cut. But this one does the greatest job on plastic and glass to give the perfect shape of the hole.

Its user-friendly box has multiple slots for keeping the different sizes bits organized in their place. However, you won’t have to face any mess while searching for the particular size in your workshop.

Do you want to use the same bits set in your home and workplace? Most of us know it is not possible using one-bit set, right? No, you are damn wrong in this fact then. While you have the titanium drill bits for hardened steel, you can keep a pair of every bit size in your home and rest in the workshop. It will make your drilling task both in home DIYs and workshop.

What we like
  • Maximum durability for having titanium coated HSS.
  • Sizes are remarkable on the tray.
  • Comes with a beautifully designed heavy-duty storage case.
  • Includes several size bits.
  • Bits are purely sharper than any conventional manufacturer.
What we didn't like
  • Not enough flexible to cut concrete or walls.

Our Verdict:

To deal with your home DIYs, you won’t get another convenient bit set like it.

#5 Drill America 29 Piece Heavy Duty High-Speed Steel Drill Bit Set

best drill bits for stainless steel

There are many times arise when you are using your both hands on somewhere very higher and the hardship is to keep the bit set. We know most of the craftsmen have experienced this issue. But with the Drill America, you can hang the drill set on your belt.

This drill bit brings the flexibility in your work while the other set fails to do so. Its plastic storage is functional for carrying and hanging. You can even keep the bits organized in the container following the edge. So, why would you miss getting the unique affordable bit set?

This set has around 29 pieces covering thin to the thick drilling process efficiently. Else, you can get the re-sharpened edge whenever it is necessary. Else, the bits are tremendously sharp for handling the toughest cement wall or wood materials. As the manufacturer is offering HSS (High-speed steel) quality on every bit, you will experience the quite promising durable drilling.

Are you someone who frequently works with metal? Well, intense sharpness makes metal drilling flexible. Metal drilling tends to include stainless steel and hardened steel. So, sharpness is the factor that changes the game drilling here. If you are searching the best drill bits for hardened steel bolt, it has no better alternative choice.

It creates small chips thus the clogging is a rare situation appears while using this drill bit set. Apart from the steel work, you are likely to enjoy the plastics and woodwork. If you have pending boat or cabinets work, you should go for this one for sure now.

What we like
  • Includes HSS for durable wear resistivity.
  • Bits are durable for having a black and gold oxide finish resists corrosion.
  • Features self-centering.
  • A handy plastic hanging storage.
  • Affordable price.
What we didn't like
  • Doesn’t have a flat surface on the shank.

Our Verdict:

For the professionals out there, who don’t want any compromise with their drilling work will be very satisfied with this one.

What Are The Types Of Drill Bits for Steel?

Drill bits are many and you should know types of bits before buying it. So, we are going to discuss the most popular ones.

Soft low-carbon steel bits:

Low-carbon steel bits are used for the special purpose like cutting soft metals. A heavy-duty drill bit can’t able to cut a soft metal material. If you try to do so, the soft metal might be broken for the high intense drilling capacity. Thus, to deal with the low-speed material, the ideal option is using low-carbon steel bit. But you can’t cut hard and stainless-steel metals with it. It can even cut wood apart from cutting all the soft metals including plastic too. It has one additional benefit of not being too expensive compared to other bits. So, you can get one of it following very low budget money.

High-carbon steel bits:

High carbon steels are able to endure randomly increased temperature. You don’t even need to take care of it frequently. Very less maintenance is enough for the shaper edge. So, it runs with the sharpness and effectiveness for a longer time. If the low carbon is failed to cut any wood type, it comes handy for yourself. Else, these bits are versatile to cut through metals and woods both.

High-speed steel (HSS) bits:

High-speed steel is specially manufactured for enduring excessive temperature while cutting. Actually, high-speed friction of metal is produced while drilling steel or aluminum metals. And a rising temperature occurs significantly and HSS is able to undergo such temperature issues.

Cobalt steel alloys bits:

There will be times when HSS is not able to cut and cobalt becomes prior in those cases. It is less affected by heat even in the higher temperature.

How to choose a drill bit for hardened steel?

Probably you’ve got best collections of drill bits set to choose from different brands. But you have to know some factors before you decide to buy a drill bit set for stainless steel.

Know The Type:

The very first thing that you need to be alert about is the type of work you are going to do. Varying from the metals, you should the drill bits. The bits are made for different types of metals and materials. So, following your metals work choose the bit set which matches up to your expectation.

Know The Bits:

A perfect bit makes the cutting job easier than you can ever think like drill bits for masonry to metal.. Whatever that’s not a concern for now. There are multiple bits and you have to know which one is required by your drilling tasks.

  • Brad-Point Bits: It a special type of bit which is able to insert into the wood. It stays on the correct place and offers the cleanest hole in the woods. These bits come coated in titanium generally. But, their most popular feature is creating a less and smaller chip and wastage.
  • Countersink Bits: These are life-saving bits for those who want tapered pilot holes. They can easily create the countersink hole for making your kitchen interior more elegant.
  • Twist Bits: These are very similar to brad-point. If you want less wastage and comfortable drilling, these are going to fulfill your expectations. But they are being operated at a slow speed and a perfect solution for household DIYs.
  • Spade Bits: You can look for these bits when you want larger holes. These are also known as paddle bits.
  • Forstner Bits: If you want very flat smoothed holes in the wood then Forster has got a no better choice.

Sanding Drum:

Occasionally you might need non-planer shapes on your wood or metals, in those cases, it may come handy.

Final Words:

Though you are getting the top rated best drill bits for hardened steel of the world, eventually it will be damaged one day. Nothing can last forever even you provide the best maintenance to it. The best way to use the drill bits with the specified guideline from the manufacturer. You need to even use your bits set with the suitable material. This step of choosing the bit is going to make you stay safe from unwanted safety hazard. Because it is ideal to include extra pressure whenever it is needed.

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