Best Miter Saw Reviews In 2021

A workshop isn’t complete with a miter saw. It is one of the best power tools for a variety of angled cuts. Hobbyists and do it yourself, people are always looking for the right tools to make their renovation projects faster, safer, and easier. So, you must have the best miter saw that will make cuts for crown moldings, door frames, window casings easily.

Doing your own home construction projects is an awesome hobby, but for someone who hasn’t used on, some miter saw tips are essential. They will not only help you develop another essential set of skills but will also save a lot of money from having to hire professionals. It may also help you get physically stronger. If you are really serious about anything carpentry related, you will find that you will need a miter saw.

What is a miter saw?

A miter saw is a power saw meant for small scale and large scale woodwork projects. They help you cut quickly, efficiently, and accurately at different angles and depths. The more advanced miter saws will even help you cover large surface areas very quickly.

The miter saw is one of those all-important tools for craftsmanship. Professionals and DIYers alike know how powerful these tools are and that they require respect and skill to use. They can make the most accurate cuts on a lot of different materials and can work different angles.

Types of Miter Saws

The first thing you should know is that there are different types of miter saws. There are three types of miter saws: the compound miter saw, with blades that pivot left and right and tilt in a single direction for beveled cuts.

Standard miter saw

The standard miter saw is one that many of those who work at home use. It is by far the least expensive of the bunch, and it only has the basic functions, which are probably enough for those who are not carpenters by profession. A locking device and an angle scale keep the blade aligned while cutting at 90 through 45 degrees to the left and the right.

Compound miter saw

Right in the middle is the compound miter saw, which is used by both homeowners and home builders. As the name suggests, it can make compound cuts by being able to tilt the blade in specific angles. It’s more versatile than the standard miter saw, yet less encompassing than a sliding miter saw.

Slider miter saw

A sliding miter saw is one that is mostly used by professionals. It has extension rods that allow the blade to cut much deeper and further than the stock length. Also, it’s allowing you to cover much wider surface areas in one go, which is why it is used for bigger projects. If you are looking for the best sliding miter saw for the money then there are several good options available to buy.

As you would expect, the expenses ramp up the more advanced the saw, though if you are using the tool every day, consider it a good investment.

Top 6 Best Miter Saws – Expert’s Picks

We are going to list top 5 selling miter saws after considering a lot of customer reviews & based on our personal experience. We hope these will help you choose a better miter saw at the market.

#1 DEWALT Slide Compound Miter Saw, 12-Inch (DWS779)


Our first review is for DEWALT brand. DWALT (DWS779) Saw is the best sliding compound miter saw. It has been built to offer high power; it’s light in weight and is very easy to work with. This is due to the high-quality materials that have been used by the professionals to build it. So, this is a saw that will guarantee you longevity and at the same time improve on your production levels.

The DEWALT Slide Compound Miter saw has been built with high quality exclusively light materials, thus making it easy to move around with. You can always work with the machine from home or even in your work area. Weight really matters when it comes to miters since it reduces the fatigue of moving it around, thus saves time.

Another excellent feature is a compact design. It doesn’t need too many connections. All you have to do is plug it and make a few adjustments on the plate, and you are good to go. Being compact means that its makers have ensured to use a lightweight design, thus making it easy to use.

The saw comes with a powerful 15 amp motor which delivers 3, 800 RPM extended power and durability. This is made possible because you can always adjust the power hence ensuring efficiency during the cuts. The saw is easily adjustable with the help of the 13 positive miter detents hence allowing accuracy when it comes to cutting.

A quality machine means it’s built with the best material there is. The DEWALT has been made using Aluminum and steel, thus making it a long-lasting machine that can serve you for a very long time. Such quality materials make the DEWALT Slide Compound Miter Saw hard to tear even if it’s stored for a long duration of time.

Also, It bears a miter pointer which is red that helps you locate and read miter angles correctly. With the saw, there is no room for mistakes at all. You are always sure of what you are doing, and this does not only fasten your work, but it also saves your time.

What we like
  • It’s a lightweight and great design.
  • Built out of quality materials make safe and long-lasting.
  • Relatively affordable hence making it pocket-friendly for you.
  • It’s very efficient for accurate cutting.
What we didn't like
  • Little hard to operate, but not too much.

#2 Bosch GCM12SD 15 Amp DB Sliding Glide Miter Saw

best slide miter saw

Looking for a good miter saw for the money ideal for cramped workshops and job sites? Our second choice is the Bosch CM12SD Sliding Glide Miter Saw which is one of the top saws on the market. This miter saw provides a better combination of power, portability, price, accuracy, and cut capacity. Undoubtedly,

The saw features a space-saving design, accurate performance, and smooth cutting action. That’s not all! When you purchase this saw, you get a soft-grip ambidextrous handle, vacuum adapter, and a dust chute for greater user comfort. Additionally, the saw provides easy-to-read miter scales, easy-access upfront controls, and large cutting capacity.

No matter how small your workspace is, the innovative Bosch GCM12SD saw can deliver excellent cutting action. Axial-Glide system creates smooth cuts and offers enhanced alignment and wider cross-cuts. The exclusive, advanced glide system takes up less cutting space and ensures that you have full control over the saw’s gliding function.

The Bosch 120-Volt miter saw is useful for a range of cuts. It is quick, accurate, convenient, and versatile. The saw’s 15 amp motor precisely cuts into many materials at speeds of 3,800 RPM. For further flexibility, the tool is compatible with a range of 12-inch blades, and it features a clear-lower guard that provides unobstructed cut-line visibility. Also, the saw features two sliding integrated base extensions which provide adjustable support for wider and longer materials.

Square lock quick-release fences is another great features which provide easy, precise alignment. These non-adjustable, high-precision fences perfectly align to the saw’s table at 90-degree angle. In addition, these quick-release fences use a one-touch lock/unlock feature which allows you to easily – and perfectly – position each fence for accurate material alignment.

The saw’s all-metal range selector and bevel lock lever enable the user to adjust the bevel easily. The bevel capacity cuts at angles of 0 to 47 degrees to the right and the left, while roof pitch angles and marked detents make it easy for you to set the most common angles. To the high-visibility dual-bevel scale, the saw comes with detents at 0, 40, and 45-degrees for both right- and left-facing cuts

What we like
  • Very durable, accurate, and user-friendly.
  • The saw is quieter, making the machine more ear-friendly.
  • Two safety switches on top of its handle for safety.
  • It has a dust collection system.
  • Flaws of the Bosch DB Miter Saw.
What we didn't like
  • The saw is very heavy.
  • Terrible at handling sawdust.

#3 Hitachi C10FCH2 15-Amp Single Bevel Compound Miter Saw

Hitachi C10FCG

Hitachi C10FCH2 saw is one of the best compound miter saw when you require versatility with your cutting needs. It has many features and has a powerful 15 amp motor with 500 rpm speed that makes functions quick. The saw makes a professional cutting with finish precision. So it is truly easy to understand with simple operation and straightforward adjustments.

The C10FCH2 is outfitted with a laser marker technology which guarantees users can accomplish perfect cuts each time they utilize the saw. The laser is just aligned with the marks on the piece work before the blade is set into motion giving exact cuts. The cuts will be on point as long as C10FCH2 users have their measurement adjust.

For guaranteed accurate bevels and miters, the saw comes fitted with a thumb impelled positive miter which permits basic miter adjustments between 0 to 52 degrees. The edge of the cutting can without much of a stretch be changed effortlessly when trimming little pieces or managing crowns in a molding.

The saw blade is sufficiently long making the saw exceptionally versatile to handle all pieces of wood. The blade can gently trim any wood pieces accomplishing the coveted shapes and sizes. This C10FCH2 feature makes it one of the strongest saw in the market at present empowering it to handle any cutting jobs. The saw is sufficiently powerful to cut through the strongest pieces of wood easily.

Dust accumulation can be an issue as the dust can take up your workspace. However, with the incorporation of a dust collector, the job site is kept clean while valuable working space is spared. It is very durable and can keep going for a considerable length of time. So you can think about this saw.

What we like
  • A decent, powerful motor
  • The blade can handle a wide range of framework effortlessly.
  • It is light, and portable miter saw.
  • Exceptionally well built and sufficiently sturdy to withstand any toughest cutting.
What we didn't like
  • The laser is not that accurate out of the container.

#4 DEWALT 12-Inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw, Double Bevel (DWS780)

best sliding compound miter saw

Here is another excellent miter saw by DEWALT. With miter and bevel, the DEWALT Sliding Compound Miter Saw can be adjusted vertically and horizontally and both at the same time if needed. It can definitely make the complex cut a lot easier to do. Many features make this saw very special.

The durability is one thing you can be sure of once you see the machine itself. With 15 Amp motor, it provides a no-load rotation of 3800 rpm to the blade that helps the saw to make precise cuts very easily. The machine will surely get even complex jobs done at your convenience.

Miter detent override feature allows users to override the miter stops and adjust the saw to desired settings. The feature plays a crucial role in preventing the saw from slipping into the miter detents. You can accomplish a different task due to the versatility of the saw. It is a great addition to your tools. With the saw, you can perform various projects within a short period.

The saw allows easily adjustable. Different projects will require specific types of cuts, for you to achieve the perfect cuts; you need to adjust the miter saw accordingly. The saw allows you to adjust until you make different cuts. It has up to 10 positive stops to allow you to achieve great success in your wood cutting process.

Another new feature is Integrated XPS which basically is one of the reasons it can crosscut properly. It is a cross-cut positioning system that provides you adjustment-free cut line indication. So you will get extra benefits by using these features.

The LED at the back of the machine helps in casting a shadow to show you how you are actually cutting whatever material. But the whole machines weigh around 68 pounds. It is a lot heavier than what you might expect. So you should think about it too.

What we like
  • Excellent design and very easy to use.
  • It cuts simple and complicated materials easily.
  • Comes with adjustable stainless steel miter detent plate with 10 positive.
  • No need an extra hand for maintenance.
What we didn't like
  • The weight is fairly heavy.
  • It’s very costly.

#5 Evolution Power Tools RAGE3 Multipurpose Cutting Compound Sliding Miter Saw

Evolution Power Tools RAGE 3-DB

Evolution Power Tools RAGE Compound Sliding Miter Saw is an excellent saw. If you are starting in woodwork or need to cut into certain materials, it is one of the best miter saws on the market. It has extra capable of cutting wood, steel, and plastic with just one blade. So you will get all in one in this saw.

The Evolution Power Tools RAGE3 has a 10-inch miter that can cut up to 750 through a variety of materials such as wood, plastic, and aluminum. It produces fast, clean, and accurate cuts. Further to this, the miter saw does not create a lot of heat when cutting through metal which enables you to handle the material as soon as you have finished cutting it.

This miter saw has an in-line handle that makes it the handy saw for both left-handed and right-handed users. The Evolution Power Tools RAGE3 has a laser pointer that acts as a guide showing the exact point. So, the blade will make contact with the surface of the material you are about to cut. It increases the accuracy of the cut for the perfect results. Also cutting depth is easily adjustable, which is convenient if you want to create grooves in the material that you are working on.

Although it has a lot of good qualities, it does have some minor design flaws and shortcomings. This is according to the best reviews of customers who have used these miter saws. The saw has less cutting accuracy with metals than wood. Because of the thickness of the blade, but this is mitigated greatly if you use the complimentary multi-purpose blade that comes with each purchase.

Furthermore, Evolution Power Tools RAGE3 miter saw has a 1-inch arbor, and this greatly puts a limitation on the choices of blades you can use. Finally, the blades on this miter saw may require frequent sharpening, especially when you are using it to cut through metal. So, the features on this tool are generally great and efficient and get the Evolution Power Tools RAGE3 a well-deserved place on the list of the top miter saws.

What we like
  • Excellent performance.
  • The miter saw does required coolant required.
  • It has extendable fence guard for safety.
  • Extra large base for stability cutting.
What we didn't like
  • The miter is heavy.

#6 Homecraft H26-260L Compound Miter Saw

Homecraft H26-260L

Homecraft H26-260L compound miter saw is my favorite miter saw you can have on the market. The miter comes with a battery-operated laser, and you will get some excellent features on it. If you are looking for a miter saw which can be easily carried from one place to another in the room, it is the best choice for you.

When comparing different miter saws, you will discover the miter saw is among the lightest which you can have. Moving it from one room to the other is easy. Cases, where you will be stressed when trying to accomplish different tasks in your workshop, will be no more after you buy the miter saw. It is a portable miter saw which has a great design to allow you to accomplish different woodworking projects.

The spindle lock is an excellent feature that allows the spindle to lock and hold the spindle securely so that you can be assured of great success in your wood cutting projects. The system is very secure; it has safety features so that you can always work on the wood without any fear of the system, exposing you to injuries. The capacity of the miter saw allows cutting nominal 4×4 and 2×6 at 90 degrees and 2×6 at bevel setting, with just one pass.

The saw can fit on a wide variety of miter saw stands so that you can work from any location in your workshop. So, you can purchase any cheap saw stand for this one. It is a miter saw made to meet the highest standards so that you can be assured of great success in your woodworking projects.

Are you worried about safety? Don’t worry; this machine is very safe to use. It’s built with an ergonomic handle for safety. Also, you will get a 3-year warranty, that is amazing.

What we like
  • Very lightweight miter saw.
  • Easy to carry one place to another.
  • Very comfortable and easy to use.
What we didn't like
  • Not perfect for all cutting.

How to Choose the Miter Saw? Buying Guides

Trying to choose the best miter saw for beginners can be tough, but with a little time, you will find the one right for you. Today, there are several variations of right miter saws you can avail through the market. Simply remember these few steps to guarantee you’re using the miter saw that is the most compatible to you as well as your individual needs:


Blades are the main tool regarding miter saws. They are considered the main tool for miter saws as it executes the desired cut you need to make with your wood materials. It can be classified by their specifications such as the diameter and amount blade teeth by which the quality of the cut depends such as the finer slice finish and the depth of the cut produced by a certain cutting tool.

The blade’s diameter may arrive in different sizes, but the average ones are in sizes 8 inches, 10 inches, and 12 inches blades. Take note there exists a downside for using larger blades regarding slicing as it’ll be more difficult so that you can maneuver the blades to find the right slicing position.


Miter saws generally are a press down slicing saws which need a downward pressure for the cutting tool to make cuts. The slide is one of the miter saws features which will give you that easy advantage as you cut wood materials. Because of the sliding movement regarding cutting real wood, it’ll be easier so that you can handle larger blades which will be difficult to move around if it is used with the traditional miter saw model. Miter saws with sliding features are recommended to when you’re working on constructing fencing post highly.

Cutting Capacity:

The slicing capacity of the miter saw depends on the blade and the method of cutting. Miter saws with larger diameter blades have got higher cutting sizes than the ones with the smaller diameters. Same goes with the method of slicing, miter saws with the sliding movement feature will have higher cutting capacity than the press down slicing method on new miter saws. Slicing capacity may also depend on the extra highlights of the miter saw, such as miter saws that have a variable rate dial which establishes the slicing rate of the miter saw.


Beveling is a miter saw feature which specifies that the miter saw can make bevel slice in your wood stock. The beveling feature depends nevertheless on the model of the miter saw; additional miter saws enable double beveling, which makes the cutting process a less complicated a single because you won’t have to turn the wood.

On the other hand, some miter saws only enable single beveling, which gives you the burden of continued woodturning during the cutting process. Bevel cuts are described as slanted edges on real wood stocks and shares that are commonly noticed from the frames and real wood carving designs.

Dust extraction and Management:

Miter saw has been greatly modernized to give you further benefit, such as maintaining a clean environment by keeping the wood dust out of the way. Now, you don’t have to worry about all the mess with your cutting work. Today miter saws have their built-in dust vacuums which will quickly and instantaneously remove the wood dust out from your workstation during the real wood slicing. Miter saws also come with a dust port and dust bin so that you won’t be a hassle with the washing after your every slicing task.

Price and Brand:

Today there are some miter saws you may avail on the market. Miter saws may vary in their price and brand. Make sure that you’ll decide to purchase a miter saw that is from a trusted brand. It will assure you of quality efficiency you’re expecting from your miter saw. As for the price, miter saws with extra features shall come with the little edge in its price. With the revolutionized miter saw, I believe that the tool’s price and brand will be a great deal you should not get away with.

How Will You Use Miter Saw?

  • First thing’s first: familiarize yourself with it. Reading the manual should be your top priority, although I have to admit that you might be too excited to do that just yet. Take a very close look at all of the parts of the miter saw. Know where all the knobs and switches are, and understand the motions of the moving parts. Memorize where the adjustment controls are located.
  • Read the manual. A lot of people prefer to skip this step, and a lot of people end up with accidents. This is a large, heavy, and complex machine that is meant to cut straight through all manners of hard objects. Try to let that sink in for a bit. A lot of thought and effort has gone into its creation, so the least you can do is understand it.
  • Pick it up and get acquainted with its weight. You will be carrying this tool throughout the job and will be moving it up and down, and from side to side. By the time you begin working, you should already know what to expect in terms of how heavy it is.
  • Check if your working area is large enough for the project. A miter saw can do a lot of damage to objects that were not even part of the project, to begin with, like ceilings and walls. You will be extending your arms while holding out a long, moving blade. Make sure that none of your movement will be restricted.
  • Make sure that you are wearing the proper gear for the job. This means no loose clothing and your hair is supposed to be secured. Loose hair and sleeves will easily get caught in the blade, and nobody would want to learn the horrors of that firsthand. Also, if possible, wear eye protection as well as hearing protection. Eye protection is quite paramount in this case, as sawdust will be flying everywhere. Losing your vision while using a miter saw can be the introduction of a horror movie. Also, some miter saws may be so loud that they damage your hearing.

You have made your first cut, and you should be proud. You will only get better with practice. Make sure to maintain your miter saw properly and to always keep in mind all miter saw safety precautions.

10 Safety rules:

and precautions to follow while using miter saws for woodworking & cutting

  1. It is strongly recommended to protect your eyes and ears while you are using saw.
  2. You should not wear loose clothing, gloves, or jewelry when you are cutting using a miter saw.
  3. Make sure all guards are properly in-placed and operating. If you found any guard hangs up or slow in return, then you should immediately repair it.
  4. To help the movement and visibility, try to clean the lower guard frequently.
  5. Keep your fingers and hands clear of the blade by at least 6 inches.
  6. Always use the recommended size of the blade.
  7. Do not cut very small pieces.
  8. If you are using long material, then make sure its height is equivalent to saw’s height.
  9. Keep checking the tightness of the blade and blade mechanism.
  10. At the time if adjusting blades and guards, make sure saw’s power is locked or unplugged.

Final Thoughts

After reading our buying guide, you know that miter saw is a very handy tool for DIYers and professionals alike. That’s why we need the best miter saw for homeowner. There are many top quality miter saw manufacturers in a very crowded power tool market. So, we have introduced some different models in our saw reviews. Now which one you buy, it’s completely your choice, but our best choice is DEWALT (DWS779) Slide Compound Miter Saw.

For buying a miter saw, compare their features, how they feel when you hold the handle, and identify some of their limitations. Most, if not all, miter saws will not come with a workbench included with your purchase. Be sure to measure your existing workbench and make sure your miter saw will fit.

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