Best Table Saw Under $500 Reviews In 2020

What makes a table saw great? Well, there could be a bunch of features that make a saw worthy of your money and time. Today we’ve come along with the best table saw under 500 dollars only for those professionals who badly want to invest in a great table saw.

While you’re spending your money, you must know if the purchase is going to add value to your money or not. Sometimes, we get confused about choosing the best table saw considering the features, advantages, price range, and our requirements.

An uncertain purchase of a table saw can lead you to a disaster experience with a terrible experience. That’s why we are going to describe all the details about the top 5 table saw under 500. All the information was digging after we’ve tested them at our workshop.

Model Preview Rating Price
#1 DEWALT DWE7480 10 in. Table Saw DEWALT DWE7480
#2 SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Table Saw SKILSAW SPT70WT-01
#3 Hitachi C10RJ 10″ 15-Amp Jobsite Table Saw Hitachi C10RJ
#4 Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw Bosch GTS1031
#5 Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw Makita 2705

Top 5 Best Table Saw Under 500 – Experts Pick

So, here are our reviews that are going to help you in finding you a table saw under 500 dollars.

 #1 DEWALT DWE7480 10 in. Compact Job Site Table Saw

best table saws under $500

If you ask me what’s my favorite brand for the tools, then my straight answer would be “DEWALT”. DEWALT has been rapidly making all kinds of tools and accessories for every kind of professionals. Most of the woodworkers, welders, automobile workers, and other mechanics are always found to search for DEWALT.

DEWALT DWE7480 table saw is on our top list for its special peaks and perks. While examining this table saw, we found it extremely sturdy for heavy-duty tasks. This has the modular guarding blade system. You’ll have to take no hassle to change the blade if you want to replace it with your own choice.

You can call it the best portable table saw under 500 for being able to fit into a small place. This has been made by keeping those professionals into the mind who have to work in small places or at home. Its portability is a mind-blowing option. To setup the workstation at home, you can choose this without a second thought. This table saw comes with the portability function.

You can upgrade this table saw to a stand whenever it’s necessary. It has a short fence extension. It can be flipped when you need small cuts. You can easily adjust the fence as it is small. If you want to build an extension for the fence, then you can do it for bringing the flexibility.

Being a carpenter, you will enjoy its small size portable features while handling multiple woodcutting tasks at the workshop. It’s mostly popular for the power 15 Amp 4800 rpm motor that can quickly cut through any harder woods easily.

What we like
  • A lightweight and compact portable table saw.
  • It comes in a ready to use state.
  • Its carbide blade is extremely sharp to cut anything.
  • The fence is made sturdy and perfect.
  • The metal roll cage offers durability.
What we didn't like
  • Dado blades users are seemed to have issues with it.

#2 SKILSAW SPT70WT-01 10 In. Portable Worm Drive Table Saw


Are you searching for a table saw with a great ripping functionality? This is the dream of every woodworker who would like to get a job site table saw with the ripping feature too. This SPT70WT is the ultimate first worm drive table saw that offers you the most powerful torque providing table saw. It also rips through hard pieces fluently.

The motor comes in a dual field state with the best 15 Amp power. So, a job site woodworker gets the desired powerful cut every time he operates with it. Since there is dual motor capacity, it stays cool after a long hour of work even.

Its rip is special and unique from other table saws for the construction of plywood sheets. It can cut through 4×4 of materials for its Diablo blade. This is the table saw that offers you a cut like a factory because its straight cuts produce arrow. The end cuts are turn out to be as smooth as you desired to be.

Accuracy cutting is just a matter of magic in this woodworker table saw. There is a self-aligning rip fence. So, the result comes out more precisely, accurately, and safely. The bevel sets automatically from 1° to 46° to make any curve designs or cuts.

There are 24 sharp teeth in its carbide-tipped blade. So, it can handle to offer an accurate cut in any thick materials. It’s a perfect job site table saw for storing in any workshop or garage. Being a professional carpenter or mechanic, you can’t afford to miss its powerful functionality.

What we like
  • Rip capacity is 25 in.
  • The depth of cutting is 3-½ in.
  • Lightweight but performs heavy-duty works.
  • 5300 RPM offers powerful speed and fluency ripping.
What we didn't like
  • There is a issue in blade adjustment.

#3 Hitachi C10RJ 10″ 15-Amp Jobsite Table Saw

Hitachi C10RJ

Hitachi is always known to be the king manufacturer for the tools and accessories. This Hitachi C10RJ is the best table saw under 500 bucks that can be the dream of many woodworkers out there. It comes with the telescoping table extension feature. That means you get the perfect accuracy in cutting, and there is no chance of getting any malfunction activity or broken pieces.

It can rip to the dual directions. The ripping capacity to the left is 22 inches and 35 inches to the right. So, while you need curve edges or any complex cuts, this is the right one indeed.

The power switch is designed bigger to switch off when there is an emergency. This feature offers the users maximum safety from any sudden bad incident. Else, the table is manufactured at the knee level for handling any heavy-duty task without any interruption.

What about its portability? Hitachi is offering the great portability feature for this table saw. It can be easily folded, rolled, and stand. The blade is highly durable for any hard woodcut and provides the best accuracy. Since it’s portable, it can be easily shifted from your workshop to home or vice versa.

There are many DEWALT users who have switched to this table saw for its easy and durable operation where DEWALT is more complicated to use. Else, the price is fairly very less comparing to its extreme advantages. Being a plumber or carpenter, you can get more than the price you’re paying for it. It offers more satisfaction to the users where pricey ones fail to do so.

What we like
  • Assembling takes no effort and time.
  • The fence locking system offers tight and secure safety.
  • Easy to operate and a beginner can start with it easily.
  • Powerful and portable table saw.
  • Cuts smoothly and produce less noise.
What we didn't like
  • Some users faced that the rip fence is not adjusted parallelly to the blade.

#4 Bosch 10-Inch Portable Jobsite Table Saw (GTS1031)

best table saw under 400

Did you know a complex tool can even give you a small operation experience? Well, the Bosch saw is a compact machine along with the ultimate portable and flexible options. It has a carrying handle that comes handy in the Jobsite. So, professionals out there did you find the one you’re searching for? This is a durable Jobsite saw that can accomplish your hardest task without any inconvenience.

Your Jobsite needs the most durable table saw to handle basic level to high range cutting tasks. Fortunately, its base is made of steel. So, every difficult and complicated task can be done using it. Since the base body is completely made of steel, it can provide outstanding performance for the cutting of the heavy material.

The safety fence comes in a square lock rip form. So, you can create a self-aligning design. Else, the square lock never fails to create accuracy. It allows you to glide with the saw rails. And you can do the gliding with the easiness. So, you get the perfect consistency in cutting and fabulous performance.

There are 24 teeth regarding 10 inches of carbide blade. They come along with rip capacity for 18 inches. This also includes 5,000 rpm motor that broadcasts no-load along with the heavy-duty job site task completing ability. If you were searching for the best table saw under 400, this Bosch saw could be the ideal one for having all the possible features probably a 1000 dollar table saw include actually.

What we like
  • A perfect Jobsite saw.
  • It allows a safe environment for heavy applications.
  • Sturdy construction with the steel base.
  • It cuts straight and never bogs down.
  • Easy to transport for the carrying handler and portability.
What we didn't like
  • It is not small in size, and the surface could be smoother for feeding nicely.

#5 Makita 2705 10-Inch Contractor Table Saw

best portable table saw under 500

A powerful table saw can turn the whole game when you have the right weapon in your hand. Makita has its reputation for providing the top-level tools for the professionals. Makita 2705 can be declared as the best hybrid table saw under 500 because you’re not going to get all of its features and advantages at a very less price.

Starting with the moto power, we can say the 15 Amp motor can give the best rate of cutting accuracy. And the 4800 RPM is an unavoidable term for giving consistency in the cutting.

Its blade guard system is tool-less and modular. So, adjusting it won’t bring much hassle for you. If you want to remove or install the blade, you don’t need any additional tools. The safest part is that you can do blade guard assembling for the cam lock system. The blade guard is enabled on both sides so that users can get the flexible measurement while cutting. It allows them to get the measurement from the blade to the rip fence.

If you want the ideal electric brake for maximum efficiency, then this has got no better option. It can rip through 4X4 material in once pass. This is not only for particular applications tasks. You can do all the possible types of ripping tasks such as decking production, cabinet designing, carpeting, flooring, furniture making, materials remodeling, and many more on a raw.

There is a right extension in the table that we’ve liked most. It allows the user to rip 4X8 sheets of plywood with the greatest accuracy. If you don’t need any portable table saw in your workshop, you can go for it without a second thought. This could be a perfect choice for those professionals who continuously have to deal with big projects.

What we like
  • The table is flat for giving quick and accurate results.
  • The measurement scale is easy to read.
  • It comes with a magnifying lens for accurate and fast adjustments.
  • Powerful and speedy performance.
What we didn't like
  • Since, it doesn’t have a portability feature.

Table Saw vs Cabinet saw – Which One Is The Best?

The sole tool of the woodworking industry is the saw. There are many types of saws around us. But the most popular ones are a table saw, and cabinet saw.

Are you in the hassle of selecting one for your workshop? It happens most of the time that we can’t decide which saw to select for our woodworking tasks.

Before you get in the real mess for selecting the perfect saw for your cabinet making tasks, we’re going to highlight the benefits of the table saw, and cabinet saw.

Looking into their benefits and advantages, you can decide to get the right one for you.

Table Saws:

A table saw is a common term recognized by every woodworker. There’s a circular saw mounted under the surface of the table. The blade can rotate at high speed to cut hard to hardest limb.

Table saw is also known as European cabinet saw. It’s driven by the electric power source, and all power of the saw is an extract from a motor. So, how fast and smoothly the saw blade will cut depend on the motor power and speed.

The blade is connected with the table through the surface. And the depth of the cutting depends on how far the blade can move up and down. The higher the blade can go above the table; it makes a deeper cut.

In earlier days, the arbor and blade were in a fixed position. So, if the blade could move up and down, it didn’t play any role in the depth of the cut.

When the woodworkers wanted an angled cut, the users must set the angle of the blade to get the required curve cutting edge.

There are fewer amounts of kickbacks in this table saw for having a riveting knife. So, woodworkers love it for handling complicated materials. It also includes a folding arm. Therefore, it ensures you crosscuts and ripping through large pieces of materials.

It can rip through a larger materials sheet and wood limbs. It has its peaks and perks to be very popular among industrial-grade workshops.

Cabinet Saws:

Cabinet saws are mostly used for professional woodworking tasks. It is associated with high-class durability and flexibility. Cabinet saws are all way sturdy than the contractor saws. These are built with iron and steel. They are heavier and made for heavy-duty tasks.

If we look at motor power, these saws have the most powerful motor power. It results in the smooth and most efficient cutting. If you’re someone who has to cut extremely hardwoods, he can choose cabinet saws.

Though it can rip through the hardest wood limbs, it hardly creates a higher amount of kickbacks. Its special feature is that its motor is enclosed. So, the dust collection works greatly. Else, the motor and arbor are connected to the cabinet base. This makes the ripping task easier while you can place the alignment of the materials.

The blade can be replaced easily and include portability. Along with high power durability, cabinet saws are pricey. Professional woodworkers or hobbyists get top-class performance following their requirements.

So, if you want to know which one is better among the table saw, and the cabinet saw, then you must look into their features and advantages. The one which can fulfill all of your cabinet making requirements is the right choice for you.

How To Maintain A Table Saw – A Proper Guideline:

Every woodworker wants to keep their saw in a good state for longevity and durability. One thing is for sure if you can provide the perfect maintenance to your table saw, then it will assure you consistency for a long time.

Whatever the price of your table saw is, it requires maintenance regularly. Are you someone who isn’t taking care of the table saw? It’s high time to make sure that you’re maintaining good care of the table saw daily.

Make A Schedule:

How many hours do you work on a table saw? It’s a prior fact to look on because the more you use a table saw, the more you’ve to give importance to its maintenance.

Every time you’re using your saw, make sure you’re keeping the saw clean once you’re done with your application’s tasks.

For example, you’re going to work for 10 hours at a stretch. You should not work that long without making the clean in between. How will you clean the saw in between of any operation? Well, when you’re cutting any piece of metal sheet, you should pause the tasks after every 2-3 hours and clean the sawdust.

In this way, your saw will never ditch you to offer the exact expectation. While the saw is kept clean, it will serve you more than its real capacity. Because a jammed, dirty, and oily saw can never the perfect weapon for faster, sharper, and flexible operation.

Do Lubrication:

A saw blade creates friction to cut the wood pieces. Frictions are bound to produce roughness in the saw blade. And the cutting process becomes harder, and sometimes you end up getting a broken piece of your projects.

You must lubricate the gears and pivot points with a spray. It will help to keep the mechanisms of the machine in a constant flow.

Keeps The Blade Clean:

You’re not working with the same type of material in the saw table. Woodworkers tend to work with different types of materials requiring on the project. So, the saw blade must be clean and clear.

If there is any wood or metal chip on the blade, your cutting won’t be as smoother as you wished for. Else, a dirty blade creates kick back and burn to the material.

You can easily prevent kickbacks and burning while the blade is kept well-maintained.

Polish The Tabletop:

The tabletop is an important place to take care of. You’ve to collect or get some paste wax and polish the tabletop, front fence, and rip fence with it. Do this every week to keep the fence adjustments in the correct position and smooth surfaces to fit the materials.

The Last Words:

We’ve come to the end of the best table saw under 500 dollars reviews! You can now select the one which has all the capabilities to fulfill your requirement.

Picking out a table saw must be focused on the features and price too. If you can get a powerful table saw at a fair price, then why would you spend 1000 dollars?

There was our list for 5 table saw under $500 that were examined by our expert team. After testing all of them, we described all of their abilities and advantages from the real scenario.

Now, it’s your turn to select the one which can make out all of your saw related tasks following great experience.

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