5 Best Window Insulation Kit Reviews

A window insulation kit is an excellent solution for them who want extreme safety from outdoor temperatures. So, Our expert team has come along with the best window insulation kits for making your life comfortable from the winter’s cold weather. Winter is beautiful until it doesn’t appear in your sweet home. Keeping your home warm in winter is not a luxury; it’s a necessity. That’s the reason you are looking for the best insulating kits for your home.

Are you living in a very old house? Old homes are prone to be colder for their windows malfunctioning. Heat is often lost through the window if the window is quite old or not installed properly.

So, that’s the point when the insulation kit comes handy to install windows properly. It allows the home to absorb its heat to give you wonderful hot weather at home, saving you from the cold.

What is A Window Insulation Kit?

A window insulation kit is a complete package to create a film on the window glass. It has its own peaks and perks to be in our reviews list. It will save your energy bill and make you think of getting new furniture with that money.

Window insulation kits are designed to create a plastic film on the window and trap the air between the window glass and the film. The insulator air is being created in this layer.

Model Preview Rating Price
#1 Duck Brand Indoor 5-Window Shrink Film Insulator Kit
#2 Gila Heat Control Platinum Adhesive Residential DIY Window Film
#3 Frost King V73/9H Indoor Shrink Window Kit
#4 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit
#5 SES.CO Reusable Transparent Indoor Window Insulation Kit

Types of Window Film Insulation:

How many window film insulations are there? It’s a common question that resides in many people. Well, you can have basically two types of film insulation kit in the market.

Lightly Tinted Films: 

These films make the window visible from inside and inside. Most of the people like lightly tinted films installed in their homes.

Silver Tinted Films: 

Do you want to reduce the visibility through your window? Silver tinted films are the perfect choice for you then. Else, these are more effective in controlling the home temperature than the lightly tinted films.

Top 5 Best Window Insulation Kit – Expert’s Picks:

Our team of experts has spent more than 2 weeks to determine the top 5 list of window insulator. Let’s have a look at them and their detailed features.

#1 Duck Brand Indoor 5-Window Shrink Film Insulator Kit

best window insulation film

Winters are always happy times until the cold weather reaches your home and annoys you. You can’t lead a healthy life in winter if the cold winter temperature gets engaged in your home. This indoor duck brand shrink film insulator kit makes your window airtight.

Are you searching for a reliable film to reduce your energy costs? Well, this duck window film insulation kit comes very handily to reduce your energy costs, surprisingly. All you need to buy this insulation kit; your energy will is minimized than ever. Your home will be more energy efficient with this kit.

It’s a whole pack insulation kit which includes crystal clear plastic film, and mounting tape. The tape can easily cover more than 5 windows with 3-foot x 5-foot windows.

You won’t face any mess while setting up the film using the tape. It’s very simple and easy to install. All you need to place the plastic film on the window glass, and fix the tape around the film. Then use a hairdryer to shrink the film into the airtight lining.

Turning on the heater or AC are expensive solutions. Everyone can’t afford to pay hundreds of power bills every month. So, this duck brand window kit is worthy of paying some bucks for. If you a little amount of money to buy this kit, you will able to save hundreds USD in a year.

What we like
  • Ideal for both winter and summer season; keep out the heat in winter and keep in heat in winter.
  • Reduces power bill.
  • Easy installation.
  • Increase the temperature of the home up to 5 degrees.
What we didn't like
  • Without following the manufacturer instructions, the effect occurs in a drain.

Our Verdict

If you want a very easy to install kit and ultimate solution for not preventing sunlight to enter the home, then this duck brand is a perfect solution. It does retain heat as no other kit can do.

#2 Gila Heat Control Platinum Adhesive Residential DIY Window Film

best window film insulation

Our second review is for Gila Heat Control Window Film. A very advanced heat blocking technology features the Gila heat control sun blocking glare reduction film. This best window insulation film for them who want extreme safety from outdoor temperatures.

Do you know you can get a cool room without an AC? Well, that has been made possible with the Gila heat controlling window film. If you never thought of a sunny daytime without feeling hot, then you are about to experience sunny but cold noon this summer for sure. It has the power to rejects more than 71% of solar energy.

Sunny days are only enjoyable at the beach. We don’t want sunrays at our home. This window film is specially manufactured to reduce glare by up to 69%. It makes the inside the home more comfortable, preventing glares.

Many people have complained about experiencing fading interiors for the UV rays. UV rays come through the window and make the color, texture, and look fades away. So, your new interiors might become old due to excessive rays.

If you don’t want to put curtains before the window at night to enjoy the moon, we understand this. This window insulation kit provides unique privacy features that mirror the exterior experience. The film hides the views while the lights are on. So, you get the appropriate nighttime privacy.

The film is easy to get installed on your window. You won’t face any aggressive difficulty while you are installing the film. It genuinely sticks to windows and provides all the additional benefits.

What we like
  • Keep safe your interiors from UV rays.
  • Reduces the heat in a professional way.
  • Offers nighttime privacy.
  • Easy installation and maintenance.
  • Prevent glare and provides maximum comfort.
What we didn't like
  • The wrinkles are not easily diminishable.

Our Verdict

It’s a whole pack of heat controlling insulation kit. No other film can offer you a less amount of heat in your home like it.

#3 Frost King V73/9H Indoor Shrink Window Kit 42-Inch by 62-Inch

frost king window insulation kit review

The frost king window insulation kit has its specialties to be listed in our top 5 list. It comes with the whole pack. The insulation kit includes the window insulation tape and a 9 percent transparent sheet with double-face adhesive metal. Window film installation is easy. But this kit makes your work easier.

It’s not necessary to use the film only on the window. There will be many situations that occurred when you might have to install film on painted wood, metal, and varnished wood, but you cannot use it on your storm or other doors. So, it comes handy in those situations then.

The chilly cold airflow gives the most horrible experience in the winter. And none of us want to experience that, right? So, why would you face such a situation? As the frost king is offering airlock features to avoid airflow in the home, you rarely need to have chilly air in your home.

There are still some old houses with a bigger window. And some modern people are classical from hearts who love to have a larger window. Large windows give beautiful views if you have got gardens or pool before home. Frost kit has a larger size film and tape. It can easily cover multiple larger windows.

What we like
  • Makes the view clearly visible.
  • No wrinkles appear after blow drying.
  • Ideal for both winter and summer season.
  • Easy to use.
  • Cheaper than some so-called brands.
What we didn't like
  • Tape might get tangled while you are installing, as it is very sticky.

Our Verdict

This is the appropriate deal for those who want to pay less price but get the maximum advantages of insulation kit. It has all the great values what other big brands are lacking for.

#4 3M Indoor Window Insulator Kit

window insulation film reviews

Here is another excellent window insulator kit. Installing the 3M insulator kit will make you amazed for the ultimate change in your energy bill. Your energy bill is going to decreases in a certain amount for not having turned on heater and AC.

This kit efficient enough to control the heat coming from outside. So, you get a constant temperature in your home. That allows you to enjoy chilly winter in a hot environment and sweaty summer in a cooling sensation.

There are many worst cases window film users have experienced. One of them is wrinkles on the window. Wrinkles make the window look dull, broken, and old. So, the 3m window film is here for you. You will not face any wrinkle problem with this window film kit.

The 3m window film comes in the flexible sheets. You can easily cut them and make them into your required size. If you don’t want to face any hassle while installing a window film, this kit has got no alternative choices then.

Does your window feature the single pane system? So, you are lucky enough to know about this kit. This window film can increase the R values by up to 90%. So, the heat transfer is prevented. Solar energy occurs in a minimum amount.

What we like
  • Easy to apply on the window.
  • Reduces energy bills.
  • Offers wrinkle free view.
  • Enough for covering large windows.
What we didn't like
  • The film attracts dirt and gives a dirty and dull look to the window.

Our Verdict

Do you want to experience a clear view without blocking the sunlight? 3m is the perfect solution for you then.

#5 SES.CO Reusable Transparent Indoor Window Insulation Kit

best plastic window insulation kit

SES.CO Reusable Transparent Indoor Window Insulation Kit is our last choice. Is there snow falling outside? So, this winter, you won’t have to experience the chilly winter temperature. All you need to apply this SES.CO indoor window kit.

The durability is the concern that let your money be valued. The insulator film comes with a thick EVA film. So this EVA film confirms the solid, sturdy durability. It runs without any damage for years and years. So, your money is getting its value back surely.

The energy bills are going to decreased once you get this window film. It prevents cold drafts and increases the comfort zone in the home. So, you won’t have to pay energy bills for controlling the heat. It keeps your house warm without decreasing the sunlight.

There is nothing so messy while installing this window film. It is easy to cut and takes a couple of minutes to install. You can make your home more energy-efficient after installing it.

What we like
  • Reusable and sturdy construction.
  • Keeps away the window from insects, bugs, rain, wind, and dirt.
  • Offers visible view without reducing sunlight.
  • Saves your energy cost.
  • Ideal for every season.
What we didn't like
  • The adhesive material is not enough strong.

Our Verdict

If you don’t want to take the pain to another film sheet in the next winter, then this window insulator kit is for you.

Benefits of Installing Best Window Film Insulation:

Creating an insulator on the window gives you the best winter that you can ever have. It offers you some great benefits. Let’s have a glance at the benefits of plastic window insulation.

  • Keep the constant heat temperature of your home.
  • Doesn’t let you feel the terrible cold.
  • Seal all the air leaks.
  • Save your electricity bill.
  • Easy to install.
  • Repeatable usage in every year.

How does A Window Insulation Kit Work?

We have seen some houses have the windows wrapped in plastic while walking through the street. It is mostly seen in the winter to save the home from cold breezes. Does it really work to keep the house warm?

Actually, it does work and recommended by its users. People who have used it have experienced a highly change in their electricity bills.

So, how does a window insulation system work? Well, it depends on thermal resistance.

If we talk about it, windows have thermal resistance at a very minimum ratio. That means the window has energy efficiency with a U-value. U-value is efficient to measure the heat transfer ratio. This value is opposite to R-value and measures the thermal resistance efficiently.

So, getting one of the best plastic window insulation kits would definitely decrease the U-value of your home’s window.

If we talk about plastic window insulation effectiveness, it can reduce heat transfer up to 50%. It also prevents 70% of solar heat gain. So, it decreases the cost of heating and cooling.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Window Insulation Kit:

There are many factors to look for buying one of the best window insulation kits. You can’t decide which one is best without using it. But, there are some factors which let you decide which one works better.


While you are going through a lot of window insulation kit reviews, check out the visibility. If you don’t want the decreased amount of sunlight in your home, then 100% visibility is very important. Don’t forget to make double sure about the required visibility that you want.

Air Lock: 

Air is essential that keep changes your home’s temperature. To keep the temperature constant, you must have a full airlock featured film. So, you can enjoy the maximum warm environment in your home without spending a big amount of huge money.

Easy To Set: 

A plastic sheet of the visible sheet should be very easy to install. If you found out there is any mess users occurred while installing the film, you better should avoid the film.


Once the winter is gone, you don’t need to keep the plastic film set on the window. There is no need actually. So, there are some films which offer the reusable feature. Take a wise step and go for them. You can put off them from the window to use again in the next winter.

Final Verdict

It was our top 5 best window insulation kit reviews. Since there are many available options out there. But we have got those trusted kit for a home who has the highest brand value. You can choose any of them and enjoy a happy winter or summer days ahead.

We really want you to pick the best window film kit for indoor use. If you are unable to decide which window insulator kit to choose, then let us help you. We are picking Duck Band Window Kit for your home. You can get the maximum advantages from it in the winter or summer season. It stops the drafts in the winter. Its material is earth-friendly, and our first choice occurred to be an end on it.


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