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Tips On How to Change a Drill Bit Perfectly?

Drills are one of the most widely used tools out there. It’s hard to find a DIYer without a drill. Moreover, drills are one of the most versatile tools out there too. You can use it for drilling, hole widening, screwing, and unscrewing.

However, all this versatility comes from one or two features of the drill: the bit and variable speed. To be honest, the bit plays a major role here. You can change bits to set up your drill for any works like concrete or metal drilling job.

So, how to change a drill bit if you need to replace a old bit? The answer isn’t simple. At first, you have to install a drill bit; then, you have to use the drill according to your work. Later you might even have to change your drill bit according to your work.

How to Change a Drill Bit?

Before changing the drill bit, again, we are telling you to determine your bit according to your work at hand. Because using the wrong bit for the wrong job might end up in a catastrophic result.

Here, we have covered these exact parts. So, once you’re done with this piece, you’ll know all about changing and using a drill bit for steel, metal or concrete. Now, let’s go right into the details-

How to install a drill bit?

Let’s assume that your drill has no drill bit in it at this point. You’re going to install it for the very first time. So, let’s go through the steps of installing a drill bit-

  1. Before going all-in at first, take a moment to assess the work at hand. What type of material are you drilling into? How big of a hole do you want? Based on the answers to these questions, choose your drill bit.
  2. See if three teeth are extending towards the center of your drill. If this is the case, then your drill hood is in a closed position.
  3. Start rotating the drill hood in a counterclockwise position. Keep rotating till the teeth become invisible.
  4. Pick up your chosen bit and insert it into the hood. Start rotating the bit clockwise till it gets secured.
  5. Press the drilling switch while keeping the drill bit facing upwards. See if the bit is spinning in a straight manner.

If everything seems fine, then it’s done. Now you have your drill ready for some drilling.

how to change a drill bits

How to Change Drill Bits?

Now, there are two types of drills based on the key criteria. One is keyless, and another is keyed. The bit changing procedure is different for each type.

Now, let’s look at the details-

1. Changing Bits on a Keyless Drill

In the keyless drills, you can use your hands to loosen up the chuck. So, let’s look at the steps-

  1. Twist the drill chuck counterclockwise to loosen it up. Or you can hold the chuck while pulling the trigger gently. But we prefer the first method. By loosening up the chuck, you’ll have the drill open.
  2.  Pull the bit out of the drill chuck. Before pulling, try to wobble it up a bit. If the bit wobbles then it’s ready for removal.
  3. Hold up the new bit using your thumb and index finger.
  4. Insert the smooth end of the bit into the chuck. Pull the bit back at you for about a centimeter.
  5. Hold the bit into position and give that drill trigger a few short squeezes. Make sure that you don’t squeeze the bit too tightly in this position.
  6. Twist the ratcheting mechanism if your drill has any. Twist it in a clockwise manner.

2. Changing the Bit by Using a Chuck Key

Her almost everything is the same, but the only difference is in loosening and tightening the chuck. So, let’s get going with the steps-

  1. Locate the chuck key and key inserting hole on the drill chuck.
  2. Insert the chuck key into the hole and secure it.
  3. Start turning the chuck key counterclockwise. Keep on doing this till the drill bit slides out of the chuck.
  4. Insert your chosen bit.
  5. Tighten up the chuck using the chuck key once again.
  6. Test the replacement by turning on the drill once.

After going through all the steps, you’ll have a drill ready for a new project.

Final Thoughts

And that is how to change a drill bit. But before the ending, we have an extra tip for you. Check the existing drill bit once you’ve removed it from the chuck. If the bit seems damaged, throw it away. Repair it if it’s a cobalt drill bit.

Now that you know everything about installing, changing, and using drill bits, we believe you can finish up that work of yours. However, you can watch youtube videos if you have any confusion. Good luck.

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