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How to Change a Table Saw Blade? 6 Easy Steps

Table saw gets equal priority to a woodworker like a brush gets from an artist. So for them, it becomes the best of the aiding tools and, indeed, most important as well. The blade of a table saw is the most important portion of it and plays a vital role in improving your skill in woodworking.

Replacing the blade is within its maintenance process. If you don’t know how to change a table saw blade, this article is going to help you out. Note that most of the saw need to change the blades. So it is so important to know how to change it as a woodworker.

Learn How to Change Table Saw Blades:

To learn about the technique to change the blade of the table saw, you just need to pick the right tools at the right time. Only a few tools are needed to complete all that, and I’m going to discuss it right on.

Necessary tools for changing blades

Here’s the list of the necessary tools that you’ll need for changing a blade of the table saw.

  1. Table Saw Blade (New)
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Wrench (Hex or Allen)
  4. Block of wood (Small)

To replace the blade in a short time, these steps are going to help you to do it like a professional. So, let’s start the journey to find out how to change the table saw blades like an expert.

how to change table saw blades

Disconnect the Power:

Every table saw run with electric power. First of all, you have to ensure that there is no established connection with the table saw to an electrical socket. You must let the table set for a while from running. Unplug the power cord from the socket. There is a chance of an unwanted accident, if somehow the table saw gets connected to power. It’s a mandatory safety precaution.

So, turning off the power is the obvious step of changing the blade. Some people just turn off the power switch for the table saw. But I’ll suggest you should disconnect the power from the socket as well.

Remove the Blade Plate:

In almost every type of table saw, there’s a blade plate made of metal. It’s set on the top surface of the table. According to the model, the position can be different for the blade. So, locate the blade position first. There are two screws you will find that securing the plates. One screw is positioned in the back and the other one in the front. Take the screwdriver and loosen the screws up. Otherwise, you’ll not be able to remove the plate and the blade as well. Now put the plate aside.

Remove the blade:

To remove the blade, you need to raise it to its maximum height. Take a small block of wood and place it against the wood. This block is needed to prevent from turning on the blade accidentally. After raising the blade, it will be easier to remove. Now you need a wrench. There are nut and washer. Use the wrench to remove these. Turn the nut anticlockwise, so that you can lose the nut and remove it.

After removing the blade, put it aside from the place you’re working. Keep the nut and washer in a safe place, because you’ll need these things later to set a new blade.

Place a New Blade:

Take a new blade of the same size or dimension in case you want only to replace the old one. On the other hand, replacing with new size does not need more specification. Now hold the blade and make sure that the teeth of the blade toward the front of the table. Carefully place the blade onto the blade housing.

Take the nut and the washer to put it again in the same place you loosen up before. Remember that? To loosen it up, you turned it in counterclockwise. Now, do it in a reverse way. To tighten up the nut, you have to turn it clockwise. You can also use a small block of wood against the blade to prevent it from turning.

how to replace table saw blade

Put the Blade Plate:

Take the blade plate and a screwdriver. To make the blade secured enough, place this plate on the table perfectly. After placing the plate on the blade, make sure that the screw is tight enough from both backward and forward sides.

Reconnection of the Power:

After installing all the parts and the blade of your table saw, it is ready to run. Take the plug of the table saw and put it back in the socket. To determine the blade is perfectly installed and working with exact turn, you configured, connect the power, and turn on the switch. After running the blade, you will find out the blade is perfectly installed or not.


Sometimes changing the blade becomes an emergency in a table saw. Following the instructions and performing it several times will make you a master of it. When it’s an emergency to change the blade, then there is no extra effort you need put into changing this blade rapidly.

After knowing how to change a table saw blade, you will discover how easy it is to handle this process in the blink of an eye. From the above discussion, I hope you will find the process as the easiest one with every kind of detail. To get more tool tips and tricks, please stay with us.

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