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How to Cut Drywall? 6 Ways and Tips

Any task can be a hard one if you don’t know how to get it done, and that includes cutting drywall as well. But following some techniques with proper tools, this job can be way easier than ever for anyone around. After finishing the cutting job, you will see how perfection took place here. Now the question is how to cut drywall perfectly?

Here some super cool ways that are described that may be the easiest way for you as a beginner for cutting drywall.

How to Cut Drywall? 6 Ways

It is a fun job if you know how to cut drywall. It’s nothing like woodworking. To get a specific or proper cut on drywall, there are lots of things you must consider, like the design, size, and different shape. According to the design, cutting drywall is different, even the tools as well. There’s a variety of tools you’ll need to cut drywall. All the tools can be grouped into two sections.

Tools for Cutting Drywall:

Let’s see the types of tools you’ll need if you want to know how to cut drywall.

Power Tools

There are a few tools for cutting drywall that need some power to operate. This is why they are named as power tools. To get some fantastic finishing with a particular shape and easy cut without getting any trouble, power tools became a blessing, especially when it comes to cutting drywall.

  • Jigsaw
  • Circular Saw
  • Rotary Tools

Manual tools

The manual tool means those tools don’t need any power to run. It can be used by just using the hand. As an example, I can say about the knife, saw, etc. these tools help to cut drywall in a line. Power tools are the best to cut drywall, but what will you do in a remote area where electricity or power supply is unavailable. So, hand tools are great to work with some free space.

There are a few tools that you’ll also need to cut drywall that includes –

  • Cutting knife
  • Tape measure
  • Chalk line
  • Pencil
  • 4 foot T square
  • Jab Saw
  • Keyhole saw, etc.

Top 6 Ways to Cut Drywall:

how to cut drywall on wall

1. Cutting Drywall Without Any Fumble

Some people get the wrong perception about the drywall when they don’t know the basic things for cutting it up. Here the most important 3 facts described for cutting drywall perfectly. Otherwise, you can cut it wrongly.

Front and Back

The most confusing thing about the drywall is the front side and the backside. It’s a sheet that is almost flat on both sides. But it has a front side as well. Both sides are gray. But the lighter one is the right side, and the darker one is the backside. You can use tape, flush, or make some joint on the right side.

Cut at once

You cannot cut these things again and again. So, making the line for a cut is important with perfect measurement. If you need more time to measure it, then do it even if it needs twice to measure. After a cut, you hardly can change it.

Laying it before the cut

To get the best shape after the cut, you must lay the board. It will give you more room. Laying the board will allow you to visualize the cut.

So let’s have a view over the ways and steps to cut drywall using various types of tools.

2. Cut Drywall Using Cutting Knife

First of all, you need some time to mark a line from where you are going to start cutting. The right measurement is the key to making the perfect cut. Following the line, there is less chance for any kind of misfit. While using a knife to cut drywall, you’ll need some protection. Otherwise, it can slip from your hand and make you injured. Hand gloves are the best of the protection over here. To use such a knife, you’ll need some space after placing the panel on any surface.

A flat surface is best for cutting drywall. Now use the knife following the line you marked on the panel. Identify the backside and start the cut. After the cut, use sandpaper to ensure the perfect finishing of the edge.

3. Cut Drywall Using a Jab Saw

For every type of cut on the drywall panel, you must mark the line. To use a jab saw, you must follow some instructions. On the edge of the line, make a small hole. Use a drill for such a hole. Through this hole, you need to use the Jab Saw for the cut. Get a better grip with the handle. This blade will cut smoothly if you hold it in a parallel way. Start to cut from the edge. You also need to make another hole on the other side of the line and cut it in the same way as the first hole.

4. Cut Drywall Using Cut-Out Rotary Tool

This is one of the best power tools to cut the drywall, especially cutting holes. The professionals said that it is a great one to cut small holes. For the existing drywall, you have to be careful. There is maybe some electric wire passing behind the drywall. So, measuring the depth of the cutting becomes important.

Make a line using the pencil for the desired cut. Now take some protection like wearing gloves and goggles. Take the perfect cutting bit and fix it with the tool. Choose the depth you want to cut. Connect the tool with the power supply line and turn it on. Now, point the bit to the center of the mark and hold it with both hands to give some force. Start to cut from the center and go for the rest of the cutting lines.

how to cut a hole in drywall

5. Cut Drywall Using Circular Saw

One of the most used tools for cut Drywall. First of all, make a mark with the perfect measurement to cut. Using a legible pencil gives you a clear outline in a heavy dust situation. Now fix the cutting blade. You might need to adjust it according to the cutting depth.

Before you start to cut wear, use some protective gear like the ear protector and goggles. Turn on the saw. Push the blade down and start the cutting from the end of the line. Make sure that the blade is on the line you have marked.

6. Way to Cut Complicated Portions in Drywall’s

It became common that people cut drywalls after installing the electric line and plumbing as well. So, this becomes sensitive when you are going to cut drywall’s over it. To make a perfect finishing, some portions of the drywall need to cut. To cut any kind of circle, you can use circle cutting tools. If you need a thin blade which is also long, then you must use a keyhole saw that is suitable to cut in the middle of the sheet.

A light-duty electric router also perfect tools to cut drywall without facing any problem because the edge of this tool can guide you through cutting around sensitive areas like electrical and plumbing lines.

Tips & Warning

  • Most of the time, people break the edges. But leaving a small gap can solve the problem. So keep the gap between the sheets. From a distance, you measured, cut a little bit shorter to adjust the edge.
  • Try to wear goggles and hand gloves. Dust is a common problem when you cut drywall, especially using a router. To avoid it, goggles are the best solution.

Final Words

Sometimes drywall can become a headache if you don’t know how to handle this thing for installing or cut. Maybe it is heavy to handle, but the process of cutting is easy.

To know how to cut drywall, this article may help you as a guideline to choose your way based on the design and position for installing the panel. If you are cutting drywall for the first time, then these tips are going to help you and save your valuable time.

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