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How to Improve Window Insulation?

The insulation of the window is essential to maintain a comfortable temperature at home. The 15% of heat losses are a direct consequence of poor insulation, which will affect our cost. For each degree that we increase in the thermostat, there is an increase of up to 7% in energy consumption. In this article, we are going to show how to improve window insulation. Stay tuned with us.

How To Improve Window Insulation

Check the window before insulating them. Wait for a windy day. Palpate around the window frame during the next windy day. If you can feel the air passing through the weather stripping, insulate the window. It is easy to improve like a dryer vent hose improvement on your home. Here are full guidelines in below:

Good Insulation of The Window Has Three Benefits:

  1. It maintains a comfortable temperature in the house (whether it is winter or summer).
  2. Reduces the cost of the electricity bill (for not having to raise the heating much or turn on more than the air conditioning counts),
  3. Reduces outside noise (the correct decibel level for a house is 40 dB during the day and 35 maximum at night) and protects from dampness by condensation (so it is advisable to have with double glass and thermal bridge break).

When choosing a window, one of the most used materials is PVC. The best window insulator of the cold, heat, noise and adverse weather conditions, as well as being fire resistant and recyclable. Another of its strengths is its simple maintenance.

But we also have aluminum with a thermal break. It allows large dimensions and is ideal for areas not subject to large changes in temperature. It is a durable element and with the advantage that we can choose between many finishes.

Finally, there are also wooden profiles, perfect for rustic or classic environments if they incorporate an insulating camera, much better.

Improve Window Insulation

Improving Insulation of Window

The insulating capacity of a window also depends on the crystals, their thickness, and the space between them. We can opt for double glazing, in which the two leaves are separated by a dehydrated air chamber or gas, or the double glazing low missive, which isolates the triple than the previous one, so it is perfect for places where long ago cold or very hot.

In contrast, double glazing with solar factor is perfect in homes located in places of high heat or is located in areas of high heat. Also, in households that receive direct sunlight many hours a day. Finally, if your house is located in places with a lot of environmental noise, it may be advisable to install acoustic glazing.


If you do not have the budget to install a window with double glazing and thermal break; at least adjust the closing of the windows with more modest solutions. There are systems for all types of window, such as weather stripping. To choose the most appropriate to ours, we must look at two fundamental aspects.

The width of the frame and where we are going to place it since the side and rail profiles are different. To choose the most appropriate ones, we must look at two fundamental aspects. The width of the frame and where we are going to place it since the side and rail profiles are different.

With the weather strips, it’s guaranteed. You must choose between rubber gaskets that also isolate the noise, those made of silicone (which are waterproof) or those of foam. They are cheaper. If the frame of our window is PVC, the most recommended models are silicone or rubber.

Place Correctly

To place them, clean the area where we will install the weatherstrip with a cloth moistened in alcohol. Next, we are going to stick the weather strip and pressing along the frame. When we reach the end of the window, cut the excess with scissors or with a cutter.

If the window are sliding and not offering an airtight seal, use an adhesive strip and minimize the energy and temperature losses. This solution is economical but effective.

A final option that we can carry out for the leaks between the frame and the wall is polyurethane foam. This application is simple since the canister incorporates a cannula to reach better the exact place where we want to apply the product. Then, once it is dry, they can paint it over without problems so that the application does not detract from the color of our wall.

How to Improve Window Insulations

Apply The Method

The best way to apply the product is to moisten the surface, shake the can and proceed to fill the existing hole. But only half, since the foam, in the following minutes, doubles or even triples its volume. When the foam has dried, we can sand it, cut the excess, or even paint it.

If isolating your window seems like a complicated or cumbersome task, call a professional company. They will send you an expert technician will go to your home as soon as possible, to help you with these tasks.

A simple trick that professionals use is to pass a lighted candle or the flame of a lighter around the perimeter of the window. It is especially significant on windy days. When the flame oscillates and dances, it shows that air is being filtered from the outside. It’s time to take action!

Final Words

Nowadays people are more aware of energy efficiency. Along with having the energy star appliances, you can save energy by improved windows insulation. It takes only a few renovations that you might not think of before. But once you made it, you will see the difference in your monthly electricity bills.

Additionally, when you are going to buy any appliances or fixture of your kitchen or bathroom choose those items which have energy star ratings. For the kitchen, faucets select low flow faucets. These are affordable and also save water and energy.

We would suggest you; get proper floors covering along with window insulation. That is very useful to save energy and keep the house in the right temp. Including the right curtains also can reduce energy costs in a home. So, keeping the specific choice of window insulation chooses the heat reduction or enhancing is possible.

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