Best Retractable Screen Doors with Reviews

Storm Doors- yeah, we’re talking about those old school doors from your childhood. The purposes of those doors were endless. A retractable screen door is just the advanced and automized version of those doors. The only difference is, it has the key feature – the retractable screen.

These doors can roll the screen of the door and put it on the top of the door itself. This lets you the chance to switch between screen or no screen on the doorway of your house. And that’s also the biggest perk of using a retractable door onto your door front.

Now if you’re here to search for the best retractable screen doors of the market, we’ve got some cool stuff for you. To make the buying decision easier, we’ve broken down the features into bite-size chunks. And finally, we’ve backed the whole research up with a comprehensive buying guide.

Take a few minutes of break from whatever you’re up to, and let’s dig deep-

Top 5 Best Retractable Screen Doors

Since you are searching for the retractable screen doors which are really mandatory to save you from the hardest days of storms. So, here is the list that can provide you some relief from some nightmares experience.

#1 ODL Brisa Premium Retractable Screen

brisa retractable screen door reviews

Turn your ordinary entrance into something elegant with the mighty ODL Brisa Premium Retractable Screen. This is in our top pick for its own peaks and perks. Let’s know them!

The screen door from Brisa has an excellent capacity to let fresh air in your home. Without any hassle of slamming or banging any of those traditional doors, you can easily enjoy this facility. To make the using of this door, there is a touch button. Just with one press on the button, it will automatically retract itself. Such automation is something you would only find in highly luxurious villas.

One of this door’s major goal is to fit the size of your door. To make that sure, there is a quick snap aluminum metal track that this chair made of. No hassle of push-adjustment of this door. There are a few horizontal stripes right on the screen of this door as a form of mesh. This mesh will let you have a visual cue for the open screen. This had literally taken its usability into the next level.

To make sure that this door is safe from every point of view, there is a smart locking mechanism added to it. The locking mechanism is on the interior side of the door. So, you can have a secure fit when you are inside at home. Smoothness is another optimal feature of this screen door. To have a perfect and smooth opening and closing, there is a mechanism called EX glide. If you’ve been up to retractable doors, this mechanism should sound familiar to you.

Lastly, it’s about the installation process that most of the screen door owners care about. No, you don’t have to call up a person and make it done in return for a few bucks. If you are habitual to DIY works, it will take just 30 minutes of yours. When you have a combination of a smart locking system, a one-touch controlling and a modern looking screen door, that’s where you would stop.

What we like
  • Clean and ample ventilation through this screen door.
  • Button press control for automatic opening and closing.
  • A set of horizontal stripes on the screen to work as a visual cue.
  • Smart locking mechanism for ultra-safety.
  • Smooth and soundless opening and closing through the EZ glider.
What we didn't like
  • The smart lock system might need frequent maintenance.

Our Verdict

Seriously, this door of our list is one of the best doors from every viewpoint of design, quality, and functionality. You might also consider this Brisa retractable screen door reviews for your next pick.

#2 Greenweb Retractable Screen Door 40 inch by 84 inch

best retractable screen doors for french doors

The next retractable screen door on the podium is from the inventory of Greenweb, and it’s called the Greenweb Retractable Screen Door 40 inch by 84 inches. Let’s break down its features and benefits into smaller chunks. Before talking about anything else, let’s reveal the secrets behind its structure and design.

The frame of this door is made of cut out aluminum, which is pretty much lightweight as well. And the screen is made of pleated type. It’s not completely see through. We can call it semi see-through in most of the cases.

A good thing about this door is, it is not confined within a particular dimension. As you might need small doors sometimes, and sometimes, big doors. So Greenweb had provided three variations of sizes. Among these three variations, there is a width range of 34 to 40 inches and a length/height range of 78 to 84 inches.

You will notice that this door has a California Pro 65 certification on it. It might seem like just another label of Quality Control, but this particular certification carries significant values. Household and commercial utilities that are highly proven for durable performance, and elected for this certification.

At first place, the door will be delivered as in its raw version. So, if you want them to cut and assemble it as per your required dimension, they will do it just in return on a few extra charges.

However, in case you are interested in DIY cutting of the door, there are some serious precautions that you need to take. First of all, the aluminum panels will be of sharp edges right after you cut it off. So, you need to smoothen them up first. Otherwise, chords and other delicate things might get cut off by this sharp edge.

What we like
  • Strong aluminum frame and pleated screen door.
  • Certified as a California Pro 65 standard screen door.
  • Comes with three different size variation.
  • Glossy, semi-transparent appearance.
  • Offers pre-ordered cutting service.
What we didn't like
  • Cutting aluminum frame would be a risky task.

Our Verdict

There are people who love to work DIY when it comes to retractable screen doors. So, this screen door from Greenweb is a must to have in your shortlist, if you’re one of them.

#3 Pull-Down Retractable Screen Door

best storm door with retractable screen

Secret Screen had brought up the Pull-Down retract door pretty recently. But this had caught interested user’s attention in this short span of time. Specially, they had been careful to deliver the right custom sizer to the users, and that’s what took them into next level service providers.

The best part of this door is, it leaves your doorway completely obstacle-free. When you are walking in with something in both of your hands, this is something that you would demand from a retractable door, right? In case you want to open up this secret door, there is a way through which you can push this door through your feet and that’s all you need to do.

To install this magnificent door, you need to go through 4 simple steps. They have provided the instructions right with the door itself. It is that much simple where you only need to put 4 wood screws into the right place. There is a clutch system, through which you can limit the speed of rolling up. So, you can customize how smoothly it rolls up when you want it to. Praiseworthy, right?

There is a wide range of options when it comes to the size of this door. The manufacturer is able to deliver you any size between 26 inches to 42 inches, which is really so nice of them. Overall, the Secret Screen Pull-Down Retractable Screen Door seems to be a good bang for the bucks.

What we like
  • Leaves the doorway completely obstacle-free.
  • Delivers in any size between 26 to 42 inches of size.
  • The front door is completely visible through this door.
  • You can open the door quite effortlessly.
  • Installation takes only 4 simple steps.
What we didn't like
  • The clutch system is hard to keep on one particular setting.

Our Verdict

It’s a world of automation and Secret Screen seems to adapt themselves into this completely. The Pull-Down Retractable Screen Door just a fine example of this.

#4 Casper Retractable Single Door Screen

gears mag

Casper had been a famous brand in the genre of household products and accessories. In this manner, they’ve brought up the Casper Retractable Single Door Screen, and that’s the screen door that we’re about to talk about right now.

The best part of this does is its versatility in use. We mean, it can be used with both in swing and out swing doors. Not only that, it’s a good fit for doors that are single type, patio doors, front entry doors, etc. Just name any kind of door which is able to house a screen door, and Casper Retractable Single Door Screen will make it happen.

This door is mounted inside its framework in such a way that, it enhances the beauty of the existing door. So, no compromise with the interior beauty of your home.

Now, come to the question of how much transparent or breathable it is. Well, Casper has its reputation in using harnesses to make sure that there is natural ventilation through these screen doors. So, your home will remain cool and there will be ample light and air.

When it comes to retracting and contracting, many doors seem to bring on noises and hardship. But this door from Casper does this job pretty quickly. There is a smooth and fluid motion when you get to retract or contract this door. The smart and functional design is just a 10/10, in every sense

To make sure that this door is a perfect fit with your door, you have to do a little pre-work. Just take the dimensions of the door that you want to have this screen door, and they will make you a door likewise. Even, they will get to you with a phone call.

The price can be a questionable fact for many buyers who are limited to a short budget. But we would tell you to aim for this door only if you have a good amount of money to spend after the retractable door of your home.

What we like
  • A good fit for both in swing and out swing doors.
  • Magnetic strip to make sure that there is no rust attack.
  • Compact and tight seal to be air-tight.
  • Takes a lot less hassle to install compared to other doors.
  • Pretty good aesthetics.
What we didn't like
  • The price point might be a disappointment for some of the potential buyers.

Our Verdict

Sometimes, you should prioritize value and durability over the money you invest after a retractable door. After all, the door front is the place where your home’s first impression will begin. From that point of view, Casper Retractable Single Door Screen might have some good value for you.

#5 LARSON E200038481 84×81 WHT DBL Scr Door

larson storm doors reviews

The last pick on the podium is from the inventory of Larson, and the name is Larson retractable screen door E200038481. As the name suggests, it’s a solely dedicated door for large gateways. This door is manufactured in China, and that’s an indicator of the high durability that the door already has.

The door is not a single sided one, just like what many of the official retractable doors are. You can use it in the office, conference room, or for the front gateway of your home. But make it certain that the doorway is large enough to fit this door.

To fit the uneven opening, this door is modified with a self-adjustment feature. So, you don’t have to worry about fixing this door up after every alternate day.

To make sure that there is no hassle or jam in gliding, the gliding track is made to be smooth enough. Another benefit of having a smooth gliding system is, you don’t have to worry about those noises than usual screen doors come with.

The installation will not take any hassle or time at all. This model comes in a completely assembled way. The mesh screen might seem completely transparent, but it’s made in a durable way. It will resist any entrance of speedy wind. And on top of that, the retraction comes to be completely controlled.

What we like
  • Durable mesh for resisting winds.
  • Self-adjusting feature to fit any openings.
  • Comes in a pre-assembled way, easy to install.
  • Smooth and soundless glide track.
  • Control retraction for maximum usability.
What we didn't like
  • Only fits large doorways with at least 79 inches of height.

Our Verdict

It’s not all the time when you are searching for a small doorway screen door. Sometimes, it’s the main door of your home or the balcony door that you are concerned about. For such uses, LARSON E200038481 84×81 WHT DBL Scr Door is a fine fit.

Factors to Think for Buying a Retractable Screen Door:

You have to follow some factors always whenever you want to buy anything. When it’s retractable doors, you should follow some crucial necessities that we are going to cover up here.

Purpose to Use:

Of course, the purpose of use comes in the first place, when you are in search of a screen door. It can be for the main doorway of your home, the entrance of any insider room, or even the balcony of your home or office.

For each of these purposes, screen doors have some specified qualities. The dimension, the retraction system, the smoothness in operation- everything comes at this place.

So, be definite about the purpose of yours, and make sure to grab the best storm door with retractable screen for that.

Door Quality:

The door is made of basically two parts- the frame and the mesh. In both of these parts, you should have a checklist of qualities that you are looking for. The for the frame, make sure that it’s made of such a metal that’s light in weight and durable. Aluminum seems to be the first choice in this regard.

In the case of the mesh, the mesh material and mesh type are what you need to care about. The mesh should be in such a manner that, it lets the ventilation get boosted through it. If it blocks the ventilation system of the house, you should keep yourself away from that door.


Like we have said before, a screen door is nothing if it’s a mismatch to your doorway. But here are something that brands have let you do to overcome this problem.

Many doors of this list come with a good variety of sizes. You can measure the dimensions of your own doorway, and order a door for exactly that fit. In case it comes with a bigger size, you might cut the extra portion off. This will take some more time and some DIY efforts, however.


If you are not a plumber or a professional handyman, the process of installing a screen door is something that you would like to avoid. But there is no clean escape, we’re afraid. So if you seek for a minimal installation effort, here is something to help you.

There are many models who come in a ready-made way. We mean that they are pre-assembled. All you have to do is, take it out of the box and place the screws on the right places.

Benefits of Retractable Doors In Your Life:

A new door can change the whole game of your new or old house. If you are supposed to install a new door in your home, then there are some unbound benefits that you should clear yourself first. Take a look at a few of them!

Show As Much Screen As You Want:

Gone are those days when you have to take the hassle of removing the glass to show up with the screen. The retractable screen doors are there to serve you with exactly that purpose.

Control on the Ventilation:

We know that ventilation is something that you always want to maximize into your house. To let you chose the ventilation of your home, you can get a screen door and relax. Because each of the retractable screen doors come with an option for that.

Low Maintenance:

The storm doors from the old days are something that would ask for frequency maintenance. There would be jammed in the gliding system, the problem in the mesh system and so on. But modern screen doors come with a way less maintenance hassle.

Final Words

So, that’s the wrap up for today, guys. Hopefully, the post had been informative enough to let you chose the best retractable screen doors among the 5 choices. Just keep it in mind to check the price-quality ratio before making the final purchase.

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