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5 Best Masonry Drill Bit Reviews

Drilling is something that looks amazingly easy while watching, but quite contrary at the time of doing. This is why there are lots of techniques and methods that came up to get the work done excellently. Being masonry, you can get the best of your drilling while you have the best masonry drill bits set.

Are you afraid to handle some solid surfaces like concrete, stones or brick to get your job done, especially when it comes about to make holes? If you are just doing to attach the bits with a drill, then you are wrong. It’s not the way how a professional masonry should think!

Without knowing about the right drill bits for masonry, it can become more challenging for anyone around. It doesn’t matter if you have a list of various materials like concrete, slab, stone, and bricks to drill. You can easily drill them while you’ve got the best concrete drill bits at a reasonable price following a list of top-notch features.

Model Preview Bit Pieces Price
#1 DEWALT DW5207 Masonry Drill Bit Set best drill bit for masonry 7 Piece
#2 10 Piece Masonry Drill Bits Set (Best Value)  best drill bit for concrete 10 Piece
#3 Bosch SDS-plus Masonry Trade Bit Set Bosch SDS-plus 6 Piece
#4 Makita B-65399 Impact Gold Titanium Drill Bit Set Makita B-65399 14 Piece
#5 Masonry Drill Bits, ZINMOND 10 Piece  cheap masonry drill bits 10 Piece

So, let’s get a whole list of top quality drill bits for those who are desperately in need of one.

Top 5 Best Masonry Drill Bits

A masonry bit is a great way for drilling on any concrete, brick or stone. So, our drill bits reviews have all the way solution for every professional masonry out there. Let’s have a glance over them.

#1 DEWALT DW5207


DEWALT DW5207 Masonry Drill set can make a difference to work on concrete when you get a perfect one. It’s a stylish masonry bit that comes as sharper and better against the concrete. If you are dealing with concrete, stone, brick all the time to drill, then DEWALT is a reliable name. So, this bit set will be make your work experience better.

These long-lasting drill bits offer services for a long time, and it doesn’t matter how hard the concrete is. Moreover, it provides outstanding performance after repeated use of every type of mortar, bricks, and slabs. So, don’t make the surface in your count as this bit doesn’t care about the rock or concrete.

The tip is made of Carbide, and that’s why it became one of the best drill bits for concrete. So, it’s nothing difficult to assume how strong these bits are. The material of this bit is not only suitable for masonry jobs but also comes with higher quality. It is a set of 7 pieces of drill bits, which is the ideal shape and size for every type of masonry.

In addition, the design also makes the drilling process easy. It helps to clean all the debris from the concrete. The 4 flute design is the best to drill faster. If you give less effort to make a hole through the concrete, it becomes easier, which also prevents the bits from overheating.

Which size do you need for drill bits? If you need from 3/16 to half-inch, then you can get it over here, which also considered as a common bit size. It’s ready to handle the surface. Another thing is, these bits can be used for both electric and cordless hammer drill that makes a difference in the types of concrete surfaces. It is a well-organized masonry drill bits that suit your need for drilling.

The drilling tasks for masonry require the right bits for ensuring perfection in the execution of the task. So, if you are thinking about attaining that level perfectly, then this drill bit set might change your game.

What we like
  • Lucrative design and style.
  • Easy to use on concrete with less effort.
  • Easy to control with cordless hammer drill.
  • It ensures quality and durability.
What we didn't like
  • While using, it gets overheated and can get bent on strong concrete if you use small diameter bits.

#2 Owl 10 Piece Drill Bits

best concrete drill bits

Masonry drill bits are obvious as tools for a drill when you know that you need the right bits to make holes through mortar or concrete easily. So, 10 Piece Masonry Drill Bits Set can be used for the stone, ceramic, glass, brick, cinder block, concrete block, and other elements of the same category. So, drilling such surfaces will become like cutting the butter with a knife.

It’s one of the best masonry drill bit for concrete floors that are multi-functional on various types of masonry. Which types of material you are dealing with? Maybe the brick, concrete, block or stone. Nothing can stop you from drilling if you use Masonry drill bits set. Even using different types of bits of this set, you can make a hole in Glass, Hard, Cement, Wood, Ceramic Tiles, Cinder block, and many more.

Concrete is not the surface that needs more pressure to make a hole. Here the pressure is inadvisable. This drill bit can be fully pointed to the concrete, which may require less pressure. Keeping that in mind, the material was made different from a usual and typical steel drill bit. It can hold the sharpness much longer to make the drilling process easy because it has high durability based on industrial-grade carbide.

The finish and the hard-plastic container protect the drill bits from the rusting. The case is also convenient. To make a larger hole in the concrete or mortar, this 10 Piece Masonry drill bits set is an excellent choice to serve your purpose.

Drill bits without perfect size can bring up a pile of hassles. Masonry drill bits offer 10 pieces of bits with different sizes. It helps to drill smoothly with different sizes of bits. 1/8”, ¼” (3” Length), ¼” (4” Length), ¼” (6” Length), 5/16 (6” Length) and ½” are the available size that often needed in drilling tasks.

This drill bit is amazingly helpful for masonry drilling. It holds the position for you to make holes through the rough and tough concrete slab, stone, and block. So, get this one to do tough drilling tasks that get you the best of the results.

What we like
  • Can be used in different material.
  • High durability with industrial-grade carbide.
  • Great sharpness and different sizes.
  • It’s rust-resistant.
What we didn't like
  • Sometimes it takes more time to make a hole.

#3 Bosch HCST006 (6 Pieces)

Bosch 6 Piece

Some drill bits designed especially for the concrete to get a precise start, which makes the process more comfortable. Bosch 6 Piece SDS-plus Masonry Trade bit Set offers the same precise start that you want for the masonry drill bits. That’s why it is one of the best drill bits for brick masonry and concrete.

The tip is designed to face the concrete and mortar to serve in a better way to make a hole because it is made of diamond ground carbide. So, there is no hard-concrete surface or stone that can stand before this drill bit. The drill bit must come with a deep-cut spiral. Along with that, it also has a milled U-flute design.

Did you notice that there is a chisel as well? It helps the drill to make the way through the concrete. So, It also has a high-quality chisel that works excellent on the situation. If you are looking for an outstanding option that can beat another drill bit for brick masonry, Bosch 6 Piece Bit Set will be a great choice. These bits are here to reduce your stress when you have to drill in a hard-concrete slab, block, and stone.

Look at the head of the bits; it makes a hole in a minute without any crack. It’s made of carbide and ensures more durability that you use frequently or not on a taught mortar. It also makes the tip sharper that is much needed for drill through concrete to put some impact.

Maybe you need different sizes of masonry drill bits to make a hole in the concrete. This masonry drill bit set has some common that you need for such uses. Drilling on the concrete slab, stone, lintel needs some functional tools. This drill is here to fulfill your wishes.

It’s designed to perform perfectly in every drilling session. Like the performance, quality, and design, it comes with a price tag perfectly compatible with it. After getting the result from this one of the best SDS masonry drill bits, every mason will be happy about the money you spent to buy it.

What we like
  • It works in concrete material.
  • Very effective, especially in hard stones.
  • Included flat chisel and point chisel.
  • Durable and offers long-lasting performance.
What we didn't like
  • The price seems higher than other usual masonry drill bits.

#4 Makita B-65399

Makita B-65399

If you are looking for the best masonry drill bit set for concrete and masonry drilling, then try the Makita B-65399 Titanium Drill Bit Set. This drill bit set offers standard service for both beginners and professionals. After taking some pressure of making holes in the concrete, it still can perform in a better way.

But after using this bit on concrete or stone you need to use water because it might get hot. This drill set is not designed to push hard through concrete and masonry. So, deal with it gently and keep it in the long run. Even with some limitations, people managed to make holes in the rock, concrete slab, artificial stone, masonry, and the cylinder block.

To make holes in masonry, this drill bit can do its perfectly with accuracy. For a drill bit, the coating is important. So, titanium nitride is the coat that makes these drills better in service and quality, as well. It has an assortment of hex shank bits. A difference you can find about the durability of these bits when it comes to the coating. Because it lasts 2.5x longer than the non-coated one.

It focuses on 135-degree split point geometry, which is another good side that prevents walking, especially on the solid concrete surface. The color also makes the box a lucrative & perfect one. Twist drill bits offer more functionality for the drill.

Having an efficient masonry drill bit can make the job easier than ever, no matter how difficult the concrete is. If you are looking for one of them, then this one might work out perfectly for you.

What we like
  • Excellent titanium drill bits for stone.
  • It offers 14 pieces of the drill bit of different sizes.
  • It comes with a great case.
  • Last 2.5x longer than the no coated drill bits.
What we didn't like
  • Have some quality issues.

#5 Masonry Drill Bits, ZINMOND 10 Piece

ZINMOND 10 Piece

Masonry Drill bits, Zinmond 10 Piece is a package of whole masonry drill set which meets all your requirements to deal with concrete according to the performance that can give a perfect edge to your activity. Sometimes brand means nothing to you if the tool can’t perform well as you expect. Then try a new one which can not only support in the best way but also saves you money as well.

This drill set has some features for doing your projects executed in a better way. To make different sizes of the hole on the wood, mortar, artificial stone, concrete block, and natural stone, this bit comes as a versatile option. In this set, you will get 10 pieces of the drill bit with different sizes for drilling.

There are 6 sizes which start from 1/8” to ½”. To get your job done with the drilling, especially for the concrete, you must need bits that can handle such a project. This drill bits set comes as a solution that helps you to penetrate almost every type of material for masonry. The tip of the bit is made of tungsten carbide material, which makes it stronger and sharper.

Do you need a drill bit for stone? Yes, sometimes, we need to drill on stone. So, for the best quality masonry drill bits for stone, this ZINMOND 10 Piece is the perfect one for you. Even glass, tiles, brick, plastic, ceramics can be drilled easily with these surprisingly cheap drills. This one comes with a unique U-type slot design. The basic advantage of this design is making the drill faster through concrete.

Also, you won’t have to worry about the dust because it has a good debris evacuation system so it can remove the debris and dust easily from the hole. The perfect drilling performance depends on the drill bit when it’s related to the masonry. If you are looking for one of them, then this one is worth the shot.

What we like
  • The design is more stylish and unique.
  • Fewer chances to crack even for the sensitive material.
  • Excellent durable to serve for a long time.
  • It can be used in various types of masonry.
  • It’s accurate to drill.
What we didn't like
  • Not a popular brand for the drill bits.

Buying Guides for the Best Concrete Drill Bit:

Making the best of the purchase decision often depends on things like identifying the essential aspects of consideration, and the same thing goes for masonry drill bits as well. If you are buying a masonry drill bit, then remember concrete is the most solid material, which is a mixture of other material, and these drill bits have to penetrate it.

How to Buy the Right Bit for masonry drilling

Let’s check out aspects of consideration that you need to go through before bringing a set of the masonry drill bit at home.

Length or Size

The length and size of drill bits can make a huge difference in concrete drilling. All sizes and lengths are not suitable for all types of holes. The size starts from 3mm and ends to 16mm. But what can you do about the length? It’s important too. So, pick from 300mm to 400mm, which defines the length according to the density of the concrete. You have to decide which size you need to make the hole. Picking the wrong one can turn the whole project into a disaster. Even the masonry can be wasted for you.

The exact size of the desired hole in a solid concrete surface is the answer to get the exact size of masonry drill bits. In some cases, a larger hole can be useful, but the longer one cannot.


A masonry drill bit can serve you better when it’s made of better material. But most of the masonry drill bits are made of two types of material. One is carbide, and another one is stainless steel. Both are effective in dill through the concrete surface, but Carbide is the king, which is preferred to drill on the very hard surface like a solid concrete material. Instead of a quality masonry drill bits, it can crack easily if you are not using it in the right and consistent angle.

On the other hand, in case of steel drill bits, low carbon steel drill bits which define as softer and cheap that can be used in a soft material like wood. High carbon steel drill bits are the opposite of low carbon bits. It lasts for a long time because of the material. It does not only perform well to make a hole and cut the concrete surface but also gets heated rapidly. The drill bits are another kind of masonry drill bit which is used to drill hard concrete.

Types of Drills

Plenty of options are there when it comes to choosing the types of masonry drill bits. All are not for the same use, but it depends on your needs. According to the types of materials like concrete, stone, brick, slab, wood, or plastic, you have to know the best ways to use it.

There are lots of differences in shapes, designs, and materials of masonry drill bits. You need to pick the right one as great option for you from many options like Twist drill bits, countersink drill bits, Auger drill bits, Masonry drill bits, flat wood drill bits, tile drill bits, spur point, hole saw drill bits.

Budget and Price

Without a price, you can’t get anything. Pay more and get better service. It’s also true about the masonry drill bits. There are differences in masonry drill bits comparing the price. You can get more features effectively if you pay more to level more perks.

But according to the price, decide what types of masonry drill bits you need. It should depend on the project, types of holes, responsibilities, the thickness of the concrete, etc. If you want to buy those masonry drill bits which offer more adaptability and durability, then the price will be high.

If you are looking for the masonry drill bits that made of cobalt and have a Titanium coated surface, then you must pay a high price. It makes sure which types you need. Sometimes with the normal one, you can do the same thing that a high end can. So, don’t rush to make a wise decision.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

What is the best quality bit for concrete or brick?

If you are looking for a drill bit for brick, concrete, or stone, a masonry drill bit is an answer. These bits are great and design to make holes in the brick smoothly without any damage and crack. Also, you need some tips for drilling on concrete and brick.

How do I identify a masonry drill bit?

The main function of a masonry drill bit is to make holes and cut through solid concrete, natural stone, brick, wood, glass, and plastic. Knowing about the right drill bit is not as easy as you think. Even choosing the wrong bit can do some major damage to both the concrete surface and the bit. There are masonry bits and wood boring bits. First of all, identify the shape of the tip and the style. If the tip is arrowhead-shaped, then it’s made as a masonry bit.

Can I use a masonry bit with a regular drill?

The masonry drill bit is a drill bit if you want to use it with a regular drill. Hammer drills and rotary hammers can be the right drill to use a masonry bit. You can easily make some holes with the regular drill with the masonry bit. Knowing the right tools are essential to use a masonry bit. You will get more power from these two types of the regular drill if you use masonry bits.

Last Words:

To make your day perfect with some concrete drilling session, pick the right masonry drill bit, which is designed to serve you better in a specific way. Simply, you can get different drill bits for different types of jobs.

This variety is maybe the coolest thing for the drill bit, but also an overwhelming thing when there is a question to choose the best masonry drill bits. I hope this review will help you to get a good decision to buy drill bits.

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