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A List of the Different Types of Power Tools

We need different types of power tools for various kinds of works. If you are a beginner of using power tools, you need to introduce with them. You need power tools for different purposes. You can use them for house repairing, construction projects, woodworks, etc. If you know the types and uses of power tools, you can easily select which tools are best and helpful for you and which tools you buy for your project.

Before knowing about types of tools, it is essential to know what a power tool is. Then a list with details of power tools will help you to learn which are applicable for your home or outside projects. However, this guide will help you to know about the necessary power tools and their uses.

What is a power tool?

A power tool is a machine that works by an additional power source or a mechanism. Most of the power tools work on electric motors. Some get energy from fuel such as gasoline. Gasoline power tools are seen in garden tools. Every power tool is for specific uses. You can see the use of power tools in house, condo, constructions, garden, garages, etc. People use power tools where they need extra power than they can do with their hands. So, power tools are beneficial much for all types of workers.

Different Types of Power Tools

Many types of power tools are available in the market. However, I have described here the basic power tools that are needed for various kinds of works. After knowing them, you can decide which tools you need for your work.

Air CompressorAir Compressor

The working principle of the air compressor is simple. It converts the pressurized air into energy. When you work with an air compressor, it stores compressed air. However, the capacity and power of air compressor depend on the model. You will find two types of air compressor such as stationary and portable. As there are many models of air compressor, find out the suitable one for your project.  Air compressor is a useful tool for spray painting, filling tires, cleaning, powering jackhammer, etc.


Trimmer is essential for making a garden looks beautiful. It has some mono-filament lines instead of a regular blade. You can cut grass, small plants, some other objects and can also cut irregular terrain. You will find gasoline engine powered trimmer and electric motor trimmer on the market. It is used mostly for cutting grass, make nice the irregular terrain. So, we see that it is a garden tool.

Table SawTable Saw

Table saw is a cutting tool that is used to cut any material. This power tool has a circular saw with blades that allows the user to cut anything smoothly. It works on the power of the electric motor. As a portable tool, you can quickly shift it anywhere for your cutting job.

DrillDrill tools

A drill is a handy power tool. It is necessary for many kinds of work. There are different types of drill machine on the market. Different types of drill machine are used for various purposes. You need the tools to drill the wall to hang something. Drills are mostly used in drill wall, making furniture, constructional work, metalworking and so on. But you need different types of drill bits for various purposes.

Nail GunNail Gun

We can understand what works it does from the name. You can use this tool when your hand hammer is not enough to drive a nail on any material. You can do such kind of work with the nail gun easily. Generally, compressed air or electricity is the power source of the nail gun. If you do not know the use of it, you can read the guide provided by the manufacturer. You can use a nail gun for carpentry or roofing or some other home based works.

Rotary ToolRotary Tool

This tool is good for home projects. It is a tool-package that offers multi-tools in a package. You will find different brands of the rotary tool. Some offer you more than 100 tools in a box. Rotary tools are the power tools that are handheld. They are compact sized, and you can easily shift them. For various types of work, you can use this multi-tool such as sanding, shining a metal surface, polishing, curving, etc. You can keep a rotary tool in your house as an essential tool.


A chainsaw is a common tool for us. It is a mechanical saw with some rotating teeth that are attached to the chain. The chain and so blade rotates on a guide bar. A chainsaw is powered by gasoline or electricity or a battery pack. It is safe, and you need to maintain it properly. As a portable tool, you can take it with you for your practical purpose. You can use this powerful tool to cut anything such as wood, a metal that is not possible to cut by hand tool. Even, you can use the chainsaw to cut concrete, natural stone, etc.

Impact WrenchImpact Wrench

An impact wrench is also known as air wrench. It provides a strong torque with low effort to the users. The energy of an impact wrench is stored in a mass, and then you can use it to any output. The power of this wrench is compressed air. But now electric and hydraulic impact wrenches are available. Nowadays, cordless electric models are more popular. It is used for feasting nut or screw, open hard bolts, etc. So, you can put this power tool to your toolbox as a useful one.

Our Verdict

There are some other power tools with many brands for everyday working purposes. If you want to do some household work or mechanic works, you can put those types of power tools with you. Power tools reduce the effort of the users and make the job easy. If you have the necessary power tools, you can complete your project in a short time without any complication. Hope, the brief description of different power tools helps you to pick the right tools for your proper purposes.

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