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Different Types of Sprinkler for Lawn and Garden

A sprinkler is the best way to water your lawn. It is one of the most useful garden accessories to water sandy soil. Different types of sprinkler perform the spreading water automatically, and the perfect way to water in your garden. But you must choose the right sprinkler for your lawn and garden. Using a handy hose can never be alternative sprinklers. The hand nozzle does not water garden in a balancing way because it keeps some places too dried and too wet. So it is very important home tools that must be needed for lawn and garden.

The Sprinkler needs for planting a hedge, watering flowering bed and vegetable patches. A well-suited sprinkler provides benefits in various ways. It saves time, water and money; even its balancing watering helps the growth of a garden plant. The sprinklers also preserve garden nutrients and soil structure. Nothing can be an alternative to sprinklers to ensure the garden soil flexible and fertile.

Types of Sprinklers: Top 4 Sprinklers

As different types of sprinklers are available, and people may be confused which to buy. In this article, you will have a core concept of the kinds of garden sprinklers.

#1 Oscillating Sprinkler

The oscillating Sprinkler is one of the best sprinklers. It meets the value of money. The durability of this type of sprinkler is high. It consists of solid metal construction. It is a useable year after years, and multi-adjustable. One can modify the width, water flow, and spray pattern. So, it is one of the superb models. The water inlet filter is also part and parcel of these sprinklers.

Oscillating Sprinkler

#2 Impact Sprinkler

The impact sprinkler provides a steady stream of water. It is perfect for spraying long distance. It can cover a typical range. The movement of water runs up to 300 degrees, but one has to be careful during spry. The speed of spray is more powerful than all others sprinklers so the small plant can be damaged with the pressure of water.

Impact Sprinkler

#3 Rotary Sprinkler

The name of sprinkler stands for its feature. It spreads water through a rotation. It covers the maximum area. The head of the sprinklers is always rotating during spreading water. This rotary sprinkler is quite gentle on the small plants. So there is no fear of damaging garden small tree.

Rotary sprinkler

#4 Stationary Sprinkler

This type of sprinklers covers the more extensive space. If you want to spread water over a large amount, you can choose this. This sprinkler is fit for heavy watering. If you’re going to water on the squash, watermelons and corn patch, you can use this. The negative aspect of the sprinkler is that you always have to notice that your garden is not flooded with over water. These water sprays are quite high. These are the best suited for taller plants.

Stationary Sprinkler

More Sprinklers

Traveling Sprinkler

The sprinkler is the best known for tractor sprinkler. Without supervision, you can cover a large area. These types of sprinklers are not used widely in the garden. The fertile soil is hampered with this type of sparkling.


The runner up sprinkler is fit for a garden. The sprinkler works faster as they are big with size. This sprinkler is designed with both plastic and metal. The runner up sparkling ensures maximum stability.

Pulse Sprinkler

Pulse Sprinkler has no quite difference with other sprinklers. But it is a very powerful, fast and durable. Most of the sprinkler ensures warranty. The user can use this pulse sprinkler with extra supervision.

Bradas sprinkler

This sprinkler is super simple. It has no exceptional and unique features. Just plug and start and it works faster. The design is compact. It does not deserve more places to store. The gardener who never uses this sprinkler and does not feel interested in using more, they should use this type of sprinkler. These are perfect for a small home garden.

Round Sprinkler

The round sprinkler is excellent to use. The sprinkler is as like as rotate sprinkler. But these are small with size and made with sturdy metal. The sprinkling waters up to 20m in diameter. You need to maintain to use any types of sparkling. Whatever you need, you may need impact, stationary, oscillation, and round or rotated sprinkling; you have to maintain appropriately.

Tips to Maintain a Sprinkler

Proper maintenance increases the durability of sprinkling. That is why you should follow the tips to maintain the sparkling.


Being clogged sprinkling is not unnatural anything’s.  The sprinkler is clogged because of dirt and debris. If the sprinkler is clogged in any way, you should use needle or pin to clean sprinkler. If you have the strong clogged, you can reset the sprinkler to keep free from dirt.


If the sprinkler is not used regularly, you may notice that the sprinkler has been rusted. At that time, rub the sprinkler with cloth and use lubricant over each gear. After that, it will run smoothly.


Normally, grass, gravel, and weeds interfere in the flow of water. When this type of problem occurs, you have to dislocate the gear for cleaning the obstruction.

When you notice that the flow of water is not normal, you will be sure that the flow is being interrupted in any way. At that time, you should check the gear so that everything is clear.

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Final Words

The sprinkler is used for spreading water. A sprinkler can also be used for different purposes. The oscillating sprinkler, stationary sprinkler, and the rotary sprinkler are widely used for the garden. And traveling sprinkler is for covering the more extensive space. So before buying the sprinklers, you should know the details going through the pages. It will help you take the right decision.

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