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Difference Between Metal and Wood Drill Bits

Drills are one of the needed tools around the world. Almost all types of jobs need drilling at some point. And because of this diversified usage, we have a lot of drill types. Basically, there are a lot of drill bit types.

However, it’s not necessary to know all types of drill bits — just the frequently used types matter. Metal vs wood drill bits has always been a concern among people. Most people can’t even differentiate between these drill bits.

That’s not all. As woodworking and metalworking are pretty common among households, it’s important to know about these bits. And to save your back, we’re here with the details.

Metal vs Wood Drill Bits:

From here, we will discuss almost everything about these drill bits. Today I’ll cover the wooden drill bits and metal drill bits. Moreover, you will also know which metal drill bits are made for woodworking and which are not.

Now, let’s drill right into the topic-

Metal Drill Bits:

Metal bits are made for creating holes in the metal. To be more specific, metal drill bits are perfect for drilling all types of materials. It can be made out of all types of metals and metallic mixtures. You can get steel bits, titanium bits, carbide bits, cobalt bits and many other variations.

Metal bits have structural variations too. Also, you’ll find central and pointy bits. Another difference is called the core bit. All of these variations have different purposes. But our intention here isn’t knowing these variations in deep.

Just know that the core drill bit is used for making big holes and for making holes larger. These bits are hollow inside. However, one drawback of using metal drill bits is ‘overpowering’. Sometimes, metal bits deliver too much power, which results in material damage. Ultimately your work gets ruined and all.

And that’s where wooden drill bits come into play.

Wood Drill Bits:

Some drill bits are made for wood. With these, you can at best cut wooden objects. These drill bits are specialized in zero damage drilling. However, we have various types of woods and so, we have various types of wood drill bits.

Some mentionable types are lip & spur drill bits, spade wood drill bits, spoon drill bits, etc. These drills are used for woodworking only. More specifically, you must use these on the wooden surface only.

The lip and spur drill bits can make spiral holes in wood. Spade drill bit is used for rough boring into the wood. Spoon drill bits can polish up your drill bit.

Wood vs metal drill bits

Where the Difference Lies:

Here we will lay out some specific differences between wood and metal drill bits. So, let’s get going-

  • Although this is pretty obvious, still we’re putting it here for the sake of formality. So, the first difference is that wood bits are for woodworking and metal bits are for metalworking.
  • Next comes versatility. Metal drill bits are far more versatile than wooden drill bits. Metal bits can drill through both wood and metal.
  • In at third comes power delivery. It delivers higher force rather than the wooden drill bits.
  • Wooden drill bits can easily get damaged. But it’s completely opposite in the case of metal drill bits.
  • Lastly comes damage probability. Metal bits can damage materials due to higher power delivery. But wooden drills have a lower damage probability.

Identifying a Metal Bit Made for Woodworking

Some checkpoints can pinpoint whether or not a drill bit is suitable for woodworking. Here are those-

  1. Woodworking drill bits will have a larger diameter.
  2. These drill bits have sparred for centering support and grip.
  3. Woodworking drill bits have lips for cutting through the fiber material. Moreover, this part improves the finish.
  4. These drill bits have a wider point angle.

Bottom Line

Use the drill bit for the job it’s made for. You’ll get the job done by using steel boring drill bits in metal works, but there’s a high chance that you’ll get a poor finish. A few days ago, I was shared the difference between titanium and cobalt bits. Today, you know all about metal vs wood drill bits. Now go and choose the drill bit that’s best for your work. Good luck.

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